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[Ʈ] Vito Art Consulting helps you meet master art pieces in replica
Recently, the number of people visiting art exhibitions has increased significantly. Equally so is the number of tourists visiting art museu...
[Ʈ] Jeju Island Healing Invitation Exhibition, following the Arizona exhibition in the United States in the first half of the year
Last month, I went to Jeju to cover the exhibition of artist Yujeong Seo which was held at the Jeju Jeoji Healing Stay Exhibition Center. Fo...
[Ʈ] ϴءʫ画ʫ
31תǪG-Art Galleryǡϴءʫ쪿 ުԴ国学学説ʪ国研ϼ¡国֧窱η...
[Ʈ] ࡤܫ󡢫󡢫߫󡤫Դڸν会
15Դ国ڸν鯱ƪê ᡢڷ󫼫뫹Park View Gallery쪿ƪ3Ѫʫϡ칪ڪ ...
[Ʈ] A magician of color who conveys the colors of jubilation: Seong Nak-ju
Colors carry messages along with images. Swiss painter Paul Klee, known for his expressionist, cubist and surrealist works, once said, Colo...
[Ʈ] A world-renowned computer graphic artist born in Korea
- This article is a review of the work that introduced the interpretation of the artist's work as a material ahead of the artist's p...
[Ʈ] Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition at LA Park View Gallery
A meaningful exhibition will be held at the Park View Gallery in Los Angeles from April 27 to May 1. Contemporary Korean art works will be p...
[Ʈ] 来5Ū済իƫЫڪ会
51014ު済Գʪ国իƫЫǡʫƪҪ 会ȪުƪǪϡ画ʫ観覧ǪҪ ...
[Ʈ] 国ʫーー,
国内ʫϪު関ƪު ʫѪ誦˪ʪСª々骻Ԫ몳ȪǪ몫Ǫ 涪ʪȪǪϪʪ様...
[Ʈ] Human book library, Seo Yu-jeong, who performed Eunkwang dance to Yani Kim Do-yeon's guitar performance
Seo Yu-jeong, who came to Korea for a while after completing her activities at home and abroad, appeared as a guest at the Gochang human boo...
[Ʈ] Broaden the horizons of art and lead the future with art tech
Even 10,000 won can be invested in artYou can get a stable income with a small amountMZART (CEO Seo Jeong-gil) is an investment platform tha...
[Ʈ] A mountain work with boldness and memories
36~24, Cheongganggachang-ro, Baekam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. This is A-Tech Co., Ltd., a place where Sojung Choo Mi-sil (68...
ȫ   2023-03-21
[Ʈ] CICA shares young and unique art and culture in and outside of the museum
Art spaces such as galleries and cultural centers probably are one of those most affected by the pandemic. Many of them were struggling to f...
ȣ  2023-03-21
[Ʈ] ڷ国ުǡ2023Ҵ発歩ߪ̸ʫ
ʫժ֧ーЫ歩ߪ̸ƪ Ūڷ国絵画ƪ続ǪΫーƫ󫰪֧国広Ѫ乗󪷪ƪ...
[Ʈ] ڷ国ƪʫգ櫸䫪来
[Ʈ] Just one wish, lets be happy, my baby
the solo exhibition of Just one wish, lets be happy, my baby by Park Yeong-ae, a transmission instructor of the National Intangible Treas...
[Ʈ] Seo yu jeong successfully finishes U.S. exhibition
Last weekend, the exhibition of Seo yu jeong's paintings in the U.S. ended. The U.S. exhibition was introduced from new series to works,...
[Ʈ] Seo Yu-jeong, a painter who draws attention from Korean art.
Artist Seo Yu-jeong, famous for her "Energy Painting," won the grand prize at the Korea Culture and Arts Competition. The Ministry of Cultur...
[Ʈ] True ceramists who tells the story of this era
The Icheon Ceramics Festival was held in 3 years last September. Icheon City is the place where earthenware production started from the Bron...
¼   2022-12-21
[Ʈ] Until a deep-rooted tree is made into a bowl
I came to realize life by experiencing with my whole body that long endurance and commitment are required.(Daejeon Intangible Cultural Pro...
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