Until a deep-rooted tree is made into a bowl

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“I came to realize life by experiencing with my whole body that long endurance and commitment are required.”

(Daejeon Intangible Cultural Property No. 24 Woodsmith Skill Holder Kim In-gyu of Goryeo Craft) From various exhibitions of cultural assets held every year, to a number of joint public events with the highest authority in Korea, they can be the dream of domestic artisans who devote themselves to work and research every day, and also the long-term nourishment of the Korean cultural world. Goryeo Craft, in particular, has been attracting attention by actively participating in public events since last fall. 

Last October, the 2022 Daejeon Intangible Cultural Heritage Skills and Entertainment Holder Joint Opening Event was held at the Daejeon Intangible Cultural Heritage Training Center. Intangible cultural property holders of Daejeon gathered together and had a good time with citizens. The event was to officially showcase to the citizens whether the skills and traditional techniques at the time of designation as cultural assets were well preserved as well as their improvement. Goryeo Craft, a local brand that has devoted itself to making traditional woodenware for over 50 years, also attended the event. Deokam Kim In-gyu demonstrated the process of making a bowl using wood. 

The traditional woodware manufacturing technology of Goryeo Craft, which has been passed down for the third generation, has continued the 100-year tradition since the early 1900s. In 1996, Goryeo Craft was selected as a special craft product designation company by Daejeon City, and in 2004, it was selected as an excellent traditional craft company and in 2006, became a it’s Daejeon brand. In particular, Goryeo Craft was selected by the Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2008, and was also selected as a Korean procurement item as a priority purchase of excellent inventions and a cultural product of the Public Procurement Service. 

CEO Kim said, “We are doing our best to take a role in enhancing the national prestige by preserving the path of Daejeon Metropolitan City Intangible Cultural Heritage No.24 Woodsmith Family. We will continue to improve the excellence of traditional woodenware and our brand image through eco-friendly traditional woodcrafts.” Woodmaster Kim In-gyu, who has inherited the tradition of woodcraft for three generations, has always emphasized his pride as a craftsman, saying, ‘I strive with pride in preserving traditional woodcrafts that have been handed down for a long time.’ From the 8th of this month to February of next year, the exhibition will be held on the 3rd floor of the Daejeon Traditional Narae Hall under the theme of ‘vegetation, record of new life’ for a total of 81 days.

Goryeo Craft also participates in this exhibition. For the first time in the country, 6 artists of Daejeon Intangible Cultural Heritage will exhibit production materials (artifacts), total production process flow, processing knives, tools, auxiliary tools, props, and works in one space. According to officials, this exhibition was ambitiously planned, breaking away from the usual aspects of exhibitions. 

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