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[ž̽] South Korean 3D tech company 3D Automation builds global manufacturing partnership with its innovative digital engineering solutions
Top Issue 1 (PowerKorea) Engineering is an important part if manufacturing industry as a whole is to secure competitiveness i...
Namhae là iểm cực nam của Bán ảo Hàn và là hòn ảo du lịch v...
[ž̽] Namhae Season Tourist Hotel plays a key role in promoting regional culture and tourism
(PowerKorea) Namhae is the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula and is in the center of Hallyeosudo. The coast is consisted of 68 islands bi...
[ž̽] ͣ产CVD烯领˭国——韩国
[ž̽] ͣCVDիߧ強国国㪤룡
[ž̽] South Korean GrapheneLab succeeds worlds first mass produced CVD graphene and won Innovative New Material at 2021 Korea Future Management Awards
(PowerKorea) Graphene is an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms. Graphene is received as the best characterized material exi...
[ž̽] ʢ疗减轻
[ž̽] A global authority of pain doctor becomes Koreas first Member of the Membership and Chapters Committee of the International Association of the Study of Pain (IASP): Daehyun Jo, Director of Jo Pain C
(PowerKorea) People complaining neck and shoulder pain are increasing due to the constant use of computers and smartphones. Pain is a signal...
[ž̽] 进电气灾预决۰С电ͺ断
对15Ҵ经验术电ͺ断专业龙头业񻣩Arcontek( 罗载)...
ȣ  2021-06-17
[ž̽] Giải phap phong chống chay nổ do iện tien tiến nhất 'Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters'
Công ty chuyên về thiết bị ngắt hồ quang tốt nhất, niềm tự hào v...
ȣ  2021-06-17
[ž̽] 80% of fire is ignited by a spark and Arconteks innovative AFCI removes this 80% possibility: Arcontek
(PowerKorea) September last year around the dawn, a spark broke out at a fruit store in Cheongnyangni Traditional Market. The fire spread in...
ȣ  2021-06-17
[ž̽] Introducing new concept wellbeing facilities for residents and members of communities: Design Park
(PowerKorea) In South Korea, the conception of wellbeing is shifting fast to communal from private. If the private has focused on personal h...
¼   2021-06-17
[ž̽] 视优务ܡInsight 将为与顾发务
[ž̽] Competence and trust are what make a law firm stand out: Insight
(PowerKorea) Law firm Insight is nestled around Gwanghwamun, Jung District, Seoul. Lawyers at Insight have extensive experience at large law...
[ž̽] Come in wash触动车谱写车业 ˭竞争产100%总为运营体ͧ&
随动车业备们关񼣬创办动车来Come in washʫ೫...
[ž̽] Non-contact, non-brush car wash cleans your car immaculately: Come In Wash
(PowerKorea) Come In Wash of Hwaier Inc. is famous for non-contact and non-brush car wash. Its excellence was proved by winning the National...
[ž̽] ոګ实费ո 来国冲击没动摇
国掀ܡ战会会ͣ产业ڣ ߾个国ٻ网络论坛ঀ...
¼   2021-04-20
[ž̽] Appalling video of kimchi being made in China shock Koreans and kimchi lovers!!!
(PowerKorea) The video that revealed how kimchi is made in China shocked Koreans: a naked man soaking his lower body in a yellowish water po...
¼   2021-04-20
[ž̽] Nara Bios innovative ModuSsack, ModuSsack Ca+Mg, ModuSsack Aminofull and Ddangbuja bring eco-friendly farming to farmers and eco-friendly food to consumers
(PowerKorea) Nara Bio is a South Korean eco-friendly fertilizer company established in 2018 under its marketing concept creating a better a...
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