Sea & Food builds presence in food distribution and ingredients

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Sea & Food is a company that has steadily been making presence in food distribution and ingredients despite recently economic downturn caused by the pandemic, wars, drastic climate and high raw material price.


The best quality but the price

Paving a new way that no one has walked

Sea & Food distributes high-quality seafood at reasonable prices in all in one services. Typically, commercially sold fish cakes for school meals contain about 45-48% fish meat, while the fish cakes here have a whopping 78% fish. In the case of sausages and ham, the raw material content exceeds 100% or 90%, and in the case of tteokgalbi and sanjeok, it exceeds 75%. However, the price is more than 50% cheaper than its competitors. 

“As a result of increasing the content of raw ingredients, our sea food has a deep flavor and retains the taste and aroma of the raw ingredients, even though it is a processed food. At the same time, we provide food at a low price, so the satisfaction level among food service providers is very high” says CEO Insik Yoo.

All products are made systematically and hygienically and are supplied to approximately 1,800 places, including many large corporations and university hospitals.


Boasting the best food distribution solution in the nation

Optimized distribution through cold chain

Sea & Food directly operates and manages all processes from purchasing raw materials to processing, production, packaging, and delivery. In particular, overseas raw materials are received and managed directly at the headquarters production facility. The company’s cold chain system is a distribution system that manages the temperature appropriate for maintaining the freshness of the product throughout the entire distribution process and ensures that the product is supplied to consumers in its fresh state immediately after capture. In addition to being equipped with a refrigerated logistics warehouse, the temperature inside the vehicle is controlled during transportation. All staff members at Sea & Food are trained on a regular basis from distribution and packaging to safety and delivery.


Advanced purchasing

Challenge for B2C

Sea & Food has reduced the distribution stage and secured price competitiveness through direct purchasing from the producer home and abroad. The company prevents risks in advance through food hygiene, quality safety, and raw material management of its partner companies, and has been growing steadily for 25 years under the company motto of ‘pursuing everyone’s benefit.’ The company plans to launch a new brand, ‘Cooking Day’, and enter the B2C market with healthy and delicious products that are free from chemical additives. The company produces a variety of high-quality pork cutlets using the best raw materials at its factory in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, and is also developing chicken tenders and bulgogi products. We will use the best raw materials, perfect the taste, quality, and design, and launch it soon. They will be the products that many will love” says CEO Yoo.


Staff welfare, ESG and continuous growth

Sea & Food has long been recognized as one of the most exemplary food supply companies through its differentiated products, reasonable prices, and systematic and hygienic production and distribution. Since 2020, the company has automated production and developed a smart business using smartphone applications. Since 2022, the company has implemented a 4.5-day workweek to improve employees’ job satisfaction and well-being, and all employees can take a vacation of more than 10 days once a year. 

“When our employees and customers are happy and enjoyable, we can grow. We strive to be an exemplary company with a long-term focus on corporate value and sustainability“ says Yoo.

The company’s sales grew from 45 billion won in 2020 to about 75 billion won in 2021. It received a Trade, Industry and Energy Minister’s prize in 2020, a Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership chairman’s prize. Currently, the company is receiving inquiries for export from various countries including Vietnam. 

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