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[Ѻ귣] 欧ƪ画ʫ2024ҴѪѢ⪵
国内ͫ뫮ーʫգգ䫪ҴϪ˪êƪ ڷ꫾ʡー񶡢ʫーޫ˫ުƪ画ʫϡҴުȪ驪ê国...
[Ѻ귣] 结к罗马亚气画Seo Yu-jeong画ʫ
觉间2023Ҵ历张12开㷣国内气画ʫSeo Yu-jeong画ʫʦ谓过...
[Ѻ귣] Artist Kim Bo-sun receives attention for planning the Weihai Art Festival in China
Last month, ahead of the holidays, a meaningful art festival was held in China. It was in the planning of the 2023 World Art Festival, which...
[Ѻ귣] Seo Yu-jeong Painter Qi Paintings Released in Credit Card Edition
A credit card edition containing Qi paintings by Seo Yu-jeong will be released in the second half of the year. There are a total of four typ...
[Ѻ귣] Hyunmoon Kim who founded the Poil Kuksundo Federation Seo is a highly acclaimed artist
Since August 1st, Seo Yu-jeong has been hosting an "Invitation Exhibition for ki Painting" in Vermont, the U. The exhibition is highly accla...
[Ѻ귣] BICHAENA学£K-Culture
ͣK-Culture热ު˭劲 ή׵Դ开,找 K-Culture韩国娱乐产业...
[Ѻ귣] BICHAENA ACADEMY, K-Culture at the center
The global K-Culture craze is strong. Everything that had been stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic began and regained vitality. K-Culture has e...
[Ѻ귣] , 妍, 髤ー Դڸν
15Դ国ڸνء妍ʫ会Ҫ롣 ᡢڷ󫼫뫹Park View Gallery쪿ƪ3Ѫʫϡ칪ڪ몳...
[Ѻ귣] Seo Yu-Jeong Art Exhibition to be presented at the International Sundo Festival in May
An exhibition of Qi painter Seo Yu-Jeong will be held at the International Sundo Festival on Jeju Island from May 10 to 14. The exhibition, ...
[Ѻ귣] Imbuing the value of traditional hanok into modern architecture Sejong Citys healing destinations: Choi Hanok Hotel, Choi Hanok Theme Park and Choi World
Hanok, which contains the wisdom of Korean people, is called a collection of art and science. Pollution-free, eco-friendly building material...
췹   2023-03-21
[Ѻ귣] Jeonju Daesaseup Play Preservation Association signs a MOU with an overseas organization to list it in the Intangible Cultural Heritage
A 2022 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism report shows that 8 out of 10 foreigners see South Korea as friendly. Most of them had a grea...
ǵȣ   2023-03-21
[Ѻ귣] represent natural energy on canvas Seo Yu-jeong, painter
Qi is a philosophical and traditional concept of the East. Qi also means natural energy or power, and the entire universe is believed to be ...
[Ѻ귣] Artist Seo Yu-jeong, who returned from the U.S. exhibition.
The U.S. exhibition of artist Seo Yu-jeong was successfully completed in February, with the painting of peace of mind and good luck of becom...
[Ѻ귣] Interview with Seo yujeong ahead of the U.S. exhibition.
Ki, Ѩ(Qi) in Chinese, means energy or spirit. Those who do ki training say that it is a process of emptying our minds through which we can...
[Ѻ귣] The handmade soaps made from 22 kinds of herbal and natural ingredients that is beneficial to the body
Koreas number 1 oriental medicinal handmade soap masterSupia Goong made with 22 herbal natural ingredients and pure goldLany Natural is a...
[Ѻ귣] Jeollabuk-do Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 13 Lacquer Varnishing (refine) Master
Namwon City has developed woodcraft skills to make things using the good wood of Mt. Jiri, and the skills have been handed down to this day....
ǵȣ   2022-12-27
[Ѻ귣] 丽艺
[Ѻ귣] Why Chinese-British War but not Qing-British War? : Future Heritage Forum
According to historian E.H.Carr, history is a continual process of interaction and a dialogue between the historian in the present and the f...
[Ѻ귣] Lifelong study on Korean alphabet's mathematical principle
Korean alphabet Mathematics Society president An Jeong-tae says that the secrets of the universe hidden in Korean alphabet has been revealed...
[Ѻ귣] "Prosper like rising sun and fulfill as you thought and speak"
Like many people in the world, Koreans send New Year's card around the year end holidays. Many of the card covers are printed with tradi...
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