Hyunmoon Kim who founded the Poil Kuksundo Federation “Seo is a highly acclaimed artist”

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Since August 1st, Seo Yu-jeong has been hosting an "Invitation Exhibition for ki Painting" in Vermont, the U. The exhibition is highly acclaimed at the Meditation Center in Vermont, which is famous for its good environment.

Seo Yu-jeong has been focusing on overseas activities since last year's energy painting Jeju Island exhibition. Domestic writers' overseas expansion has received a lot of attention. This is because when artists work abroad, they can promote their works to more people and raise their awareness. However, going abroad is not an easy task, and various difficulties and concerns follow. In the midst of this, the writer drew attention by making global moves day after day. Her energy paintings are basically paintings that give her energy and luck, and there has been an increase in the number of people at home and abroad who believe in them and ask her to do them.

She said "It's nice just to be able to communicate with people from different countries. Even though the language is different, I think there is something that can be felt. I'm grateful just to feel that, and I hope that people around the world will be healthy and happy on the occasion of this exhibition."

The one who organized the Kuksundo Festival is Prof. Hyunmoon Kim who founded the Poil Kuksundo Federation. Kim has established branches in the United States, North America, France, Europe, and Malaysia, and has spread our Zen culture, which has become the birthplace of Taoism. He was deeply attracted to Seo’s energy painting last fall and has been promoting her works wholeheartedly. He integrated the spiritual world of the East with the psychology of the West to establish the creative concept of natural health management. Headquartered in the United States since 1980, he has been spreading the healing and spiritual culture of Taoism, which is forest healing, to Western society with a modern concept. He has established overseas branches in the United States, Canada, France, Denmark, and the Czech Republic, and has worked with the Red Cross in Malaysia and Thailand in 1992 and the Chiang Mai Red Cross in 1995 to help the hill tribes find their identity.

He said “The works of Seo, one of Korea's leading energy painters, is a special exhibition that prays for health and happiness through strong energy. Together, we plan to hold an exhibition in June or October following this Jeju exhibition under the theme of the journey of light and self.” He added "Her artistic inspiration comes from the Milky Way. That’s why her nickname is Eungwang. When this flow dances on the canvas, it becomes a painting, and when it flows through the air, it becomes a silver dance. When we talk about Picasso, we call him the genius of abstraction. However, the basis of his work was the people and their lives because his interest began with the existential anguish of human figures. In the same vein, Seo has also drawn a lot of people. However, the figure as an early painting gradually turns into a facial print. It is another depiction of the human psyche imbued in the unconscious. This is why you can see the Carl Jung 'archetype' in her paintings, which combines silver light dance and facial prints. Those who approach the energy painting can feel the energy, thoughts, and materials emanating from the canvas and the corresponding intense energy. I sincerely hope that the positive aspects of love, peace, and harmony that she has talked about through her works will spread throughout the world. In addition, based on the foundation of 'We are one,' we will pursue more meaningful exhibitions so that they can serve as an opportunity to take center stage in today's dizzying and uncertain world." Kim and Seo formed a relationship in Jeju, and they said it was meaningful to be able to once again hold an energy exhibition in Jeju where people from various countries were invited.


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