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[커버스토리] High energy bill but not as warm as that much high? CTCM's ultra power saving heat mats will save you energy bill as well as maintenance!
The breakdown of the nation's energy dependency in 2020 is as follows: oil 31.2%, coal 27.2%, natural gas 24.7%, water power 6.9%, solar...
신태섭 기자  2022-05-24
[커버스토리] Conpotech RFID food disposer reduces as little as 25% up to 50% food waste
Once cleaner than now, Planet Earth has long been suffering from man-made pollutants from oil to toxic substances under the sea, over the la...
신태섭 기자  2022-05-23
[커버스토리] Hong presides over first Talk Talk Program
Economy and Finance Minister Namki Hong chaired an online meeting for strengthening work capability and communications of staff on March 22 ...
강영훈  2022-05-02
[커버스토리] "Real estate investment is a low risk high profit business when you are equipped with scientific data and analysis" says realtor Park
Sungsik Park, CEO of Number One Realter, was born to a poor family as the last son of 5 siblings. He lost his father in his early age and gr...
안정희 기자  2022-04-26
[커버스토리] "We can have wisdom through training and taking care of others" says monk Jingak
Banya Temple in Mokpo City, South Jeolla Province, is a branch temple of Baekyang Temple of the Jogye Order of the Korean Buddhism. Banya Te...
안정희 기자  2022-04-26
[커버스토리] Play Moongu opens 100th store within a year
Up until early 2000, stationery stores in South Korea played a gathering place for children swinging by to and fro schools. With advent of l...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-26
[커버스토리] "Small details make what is called a luxury house" says Jaewoo Im, CEO of Garim Space
"Small details make what is called a luxury house" says Garim Space CEO Jaewoo Im. A luxury house makes us think it is big and expensive and...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-26
[커버스토리] The world of metavere! How much do you know?
Metaverse is one of the frequently used words on the media now. While many countries are promoting this fast rising market for a future cash...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-25
[커버스토리] Hanjoong Fundamental Industry contributes to development of farming irrigation canals with its tech-driven water gates
Hanjoong Fundamental Industry in Ulju County, Ulsan City, is a farming and construction machinery company. CEO Dukbong Song has devoted 30 y...
강민지 기자  2022-04-25
[커버스토리] Thinking of having a new concept house? Why not be an early adopter of container house that is becoming a trend?
Container HousesContainer houses are rising fast as alternative to traditional houses in South Korea. Unlike in the past, many architects to...
김지원  2022-04-25
[커버스토리] DAS (Decentralized Art Story) opens a new era for digital art
One thing the pandemic has changed the way we appreciate art is that it has shifted curators and visitors from galleries and museums to onli...
강민지 기자  2022-04-25
[커버스토리] South Korean EV charging solutions company Moderntec shares 80% domestic E-Bus charging market and secures 15 billion won investment from J & Private Equity
Lack of EV Charging InfrastructureGlobal number of electric vehicles has reportedly reached to 6.66 million, a two fold increase on last yea...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-25
[탑이슈] 为全球众筹提供全方位一站式服务
提供所有与众筹相关的服务使顾客能专注于产品FundingInsider(代表朴哈兰(音))成立于2014年, 在首尔和纽...
강영훈  2022-04-25
[탑이슈] グローバルクラウドファンディングに必要なオールインワントータルサービス
강영훈  2022-04-25
[탑이슈] Introducing South Korean all inclusive crowd funding agent that proved its capability by raising 47.8 billion won home and abroad so far: Funding Insider
Crowd FundingCrowd funding is a fund raised from a large number of people who each contributes a relatively small amount online. It is norma...
강영훈  2022-04-25
[커버스토리] Carbon Free's innovative Shinlged BIPV provides 20% improved output
Carbon Neutrality and eco-friendly renewable energy is received by world's leaders and companies no longer an option but a must for us a...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-25
[커버스토리] Introducing futuristic mobile house Happy Dum
South Korea's home trend now is largely divided into two: traditional 109 square meter apartments or minimalist (second) houses. Unlike ...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-25
[탑이슈] 「(株)THiRA Robotics」のキム・ドンギョン代表
ジェフリー・ムーア(Geoffrey Moore)は、彼の著書「Crossing the Chasm」で新技術の「Life Cycle(ライフサイクル)」について叙述している。新製品やイノベーション製品が社&#...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-25
[탑이슈] Thinking robots that can move things around easily at your factory, warehouse or mart? Think tech savvy-rich South Korean robot engineering group THiRA Robotics
While many South Korean companies are moving fast towards automated manufacturing systems, the government has announced its plan to pour mor...
신태섭 기자  2022-04-25
[커버스토리] PowerKorea hears from KR Beauty Tech director Hyon-Sang Kang and CEO Shin Ryu
Q. Firs things first. How come you landed in this business?Kang. I majored in Chinese language. I worked as a lecturer at universities in Ch...
지윤석 기자  2022-04-24
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