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[커버스토리] eWBM’s LoRa module is to be loaded in Guro District’s integrated smart city platform
Guro District, Seoul, completed building ‘integrated smart city platform’ last year. Experts predict that the street lamps will be the first...
지윤석 기자  2021-03-25
[커버스토리] Tuning a normal car into a camping car is similar to building a house, says a car tuning master
The pandemic has changed the way Koreans enjoy overnight. Instead of staying at a hotel, they choose to tune their car to spend the night ou...
신태섭 기자  2021-03-24
[커버스토리] 100 sewing machines in Mathare are tools of hope and opportunity for women to make a better future
Mathare is a collection of slums in Nairobi, Kenya. It is known as one of the worst slums in Africa. About 90% of the people in Mathare are ...
한정찬 기자  2021-03-24
[커버스토리] Korea Magazine Association holds 59th convention and elects Baek Jong-woon as the 44th president
The Korea Magazine Association held the 59th convention on February 17 at the KBIZ hall in Yeouido, Seoul. In accordance with the government...
백종원 기자  2021-03-22
[커버스토리] Tirenana provides optimum tire solutions with unrivalled professional services and transparent deals
Tires are one important part of a vehicle that rolls the vehicle and the driver to a desired destination. However, since the driver is ridin...
신태섭 기자  2021-03-22
[커버스토리] Children suffering from psychological unstability should seek specialists earliest possible, says Han Ji-yun, Director of Maumsoop Psychological Center
Children are easily affected by their surrounding environment. Many grow up normally. However, some have difficult times physically and psyc...
강진성 기자  2021-03-22
[커버스토리] The best FRP boat building technique comes from 20 years of passion and expertise of a master shipbuilder
Once nearby taken over by Chinese counterpart, South Korean shipbuilding industry has taken its glory back again by receiving tremendous ord...
권동호 기자  2021-03-22
[탑이슈] 「教育の希望を育てる」という使命感 校舎、教科授業、テスト、成績表、宿題の無い5つの無 自己主導型学習と生徒一人一人に合わせた成長が行われる学校
강진성 기자  2021-03-18
[탑이슈] 怀揣创造教育未来的使命感 无学校建筑、无课程、无考试、无成绩、无作业 引导学生自主学习,倡导个性化教
紧跟世界教育变化趋势培育未来型人才“BenJamin人性英才学校” 的韩国型过渡年教育先导模式20...
강진성 기자  2021-03-18
[탑이슈] A school with no buildings, classes, exams, grades and homework fosters self-oriented future leaders
An alternative school is a school that runs its own curriculum and teaching methods as opposed to the traditional education systems. Alterna...
강진성 기자  2021-03-18
[탑이슈] 新型コロナ感染症の地域感染を防ぐクリーン複合防疫ゲート『ピューリフォータル』
강진성 기자  2021-03-18
[탑이슈] 防止新冠肺炎地区感染的清净综合防疫门“ PURI FOTAL” DigitalGreen(株)为构建国际水平的防疫系统而努力。
강진성 기자  2021-03-18
[탑이슈] South Korean 'Puri Fotal', 'Purifall' and 'Purifall M' make quarantine easier and cost-saving in buildings, public transportation and private spaces
One thing COVID-19 has changed the way we walk through a building in and out is that we must put a mask and sanitize both hands. While many ...
강진성 기자  2021-03-18
[커버스토리] (株)ジェヒョンバイオ、世界初、大麻のCBD成分を多量含量した食用セミの幼虫開発 世界の大麻産業を仰天させた歴史的な発見、業界の注目を浴びる
大麻に大量含まれてるカンナビジオール(CBD, Cannabidiol)は、幻覚のような副作用がなく、痛みやストレス、炎症の緩和など様々な効果を持つ。特に、小児てんかん(癲癇)の症&...
신태섭 기자  2021-03-16
[커버스토리] Introducing world’s first CBD-rich edible cicada larva
Cannabis contains 460 kinds of natural substances of which THC and CBD are famous for psychotropic and improvement of insomnia respectively....
신태섭 기자  2021-03-16
[커버스토리] Korea New Intellectuals Association begins a new leap forward in the year of the cow in 2021
In 2020, it was Corona 19 that exerted the greatest influence over Korea's society. Even now, beyond last year, to the New Year in 2021,...
안정희 기자  2021-02-25
[커버스토리] 'One-Pick Personal Training' that takes responsibility for the health of members through a systematic exercise program
Recently, Tae-Hyun Kim, CEO of One Pick Personal Training, who launched a fitness center near Seolleung Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, had to...
안정희 기자  2021-02-25
[커버스토리] South Korean winery Eaudelune is ready to compete with imported
According to Shinsegae department store, sales of win increased to 41.1% last year and it was 66.2% in December alone. Wine was enjoyed by a...
신태섭 기자  2021-02-25
[커버스토리] A must-visit spa holiday house in Yangyang County
Yangyang County, Gwangwon Province, is famous for deep valleys, high mountains, the river and the East Sea. Seoul-Yangyang Highway, recently...
신태섭 기자  2021-02-25
[커버스토리] Safety is top priority when it comes to car tuning, emphasizes Lee, CEO of Haenareum Camping Car
Tourism industry probably is the worst hit by the COVID-19. It has put a halt to people traveling home or abroad and many are already out of...
신태섭 기자  2021-02-25
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