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[ž̽] No more smombie traffic accidents!! Smart crosswalk safety system tailored to the public eye level Excellent effect in preventing smombie traffic accidents and nighttime pedestrian accidents: Sungpoo
Excellent effect in preventing traffic accidents and night walking accidents: Sungpoong Solleds Floor Type Pedestrian Traffic LightInterloc...
¼   2023-01-17
[ž̽] Turning childrens imagination into reality
As a child, you may remember the story of Pinocchio, whose nose grows when he tells lies. Pinocchio was published in the 19th century and ...
弱   2023-01-17
Q.PINOKIA鎏诞A. 膧擩蘢ㄛ銌给们讲顴诺蟓瓿ㄛ膧...
弱   2023-01-17
[ž̽] ꪿Ρーー実ˡ ()ԫΫѫ߫ꫢーɫԫΪΫ・
Q. ԫΫӫーɫΪءêA. ԫΫڪު꪿ڤƪƪ歳ꪬ˪몤ުԫΫʬʪȪɪΣҳΫԫΫƪ۪ϫԫΫ֪視ߪ...
弱   2023-01-17
[ž̽] Come In Wash, advancing to the world with innovative technology
No touch no brush automated car wash brand Come In Wash won the Trade Industry and Energy Ministers Prize at the Innovation Winner 2022. Pr...
[ž̽] Come in Wash progressant dans le monde avec une technologie innovante
Come in Wash (PDG Yang Seok Won), un leader du lavage automatique de voiture sans contact et sans brosse, a eu lhonneur de recevoir le prix...
[ž̽] ܪͣ󪹪 ૤󫦫ë塹
[ž̽] ̫Ȫˡͫ󫹪ª߾ף
[ž̽] 兴̫艺复兴龙
[ž̽] Yongin Special City creating a renaissance through push and dignity
Utilizing the central governments good connections to realize Yongin Renaissance and to secure its authority Yongin City Mayor Lee Sang-il ...
[ž̽] Eco Farm City and the Defense Information Portal to create Koreas first eco-farm city
Ko Duk-sang, CEO of an agricultural corporation Eco Farm City, has been researching eco-friendly farming methods for over 20 years. As a res...
[ž̽] 国门户网进国内个态农场设计划
[ž̽] 国ëー国内Ϋիー૷ƫ
[ž̽] Thuc ẩy việc tạo dựng thanh phố nong trại sinh thai Eco Farm City ầu tien của Han Quốc với cổng thong tin Quốc phong
Sản xuất thực phẩm khoáng chất tự nhiên từ nông nghiệp kết hợ...
[ž̽] ESG food tech innovates the world: INCR.EDIBLE
The global economy, such as COVID-19, war, and environmental pollution, has fallen into a melting pot of unpredictable chaos. A product that...
[ž̽] ESGーɫƫëͣ˫Ϋーê()󫯫ǫ֫
[ž̽] Yoon attends opening of World Bio Summit 2022
Yoon attends opening of World Bio Summit 2022The World Bio Summit was the first international event jointly hosted by Korea and the World He...
[ž̽] You fake! The best brand keeper is here! RMG, the security and authenticity hologram solution
According to a 2016 OECD survey, the global counterfeit goods trade was marked $509 billion a year, accounting for 3.3% of the global trade....
¼   2022-10-20
[ž̽] 偽ڪܪԪΫ֫ޣ ƫЮ証۫૽ー񻫢ー뫨૸ー
¼   2022-10-20
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