Eco Farm City expands to Vietnam and signs MOU with WCU University, US

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▲ Eco Farm City / CEO Duksang Ko

Eco Farm City, an agricultural company that develops KDS convergence farming and leaps forward as an eco-friendly innovative agricultural company, has completed the license from Gimpo City for an AI-based urban ginseng smart farm built in Gurae-dong in the city, and is also accelerating exchanges and expansion into overseas countries. In September, the company signed an MOU with WCU University in the U.S., opening up opportunities to spread eco-friendly AI KDS convergence agricultural technology to future overseas talents. On October 8, the company patented an invention in Vietnam, established the KDS AI Smart Farm Department, and signed an agreement to export red ginseng to overseas countries to promote the differentiated competitiveness of AI KDS convergence agricultural technology.


Signed agreement with Vietnam alongside patent inventions

Establing KDS AI Smart Farm Department

Eco Farm City signed an MOU with Gio Linh County, Gwang Chi Province, Vietnam on October 8 at the company’s office in B-dong, The Luxe Nine, Gimpo, regarding invention patents, establishment of KDS AI Smart Farm Department, and red ginseng export. 

From October 5 to October 10, President Nguyen Van Giang, People’s Chairman of Vietnam’s local government, and President Bo Doc Hua visited the company’s factory in Geumsan, Chungnam Province.  Eco Farm City and the Vietnamese local government signed a business agreement at the ceremony, which was attended by the mayor of Gimpo and the mayor of the district office.

The cooperation includes exchanging information on university development and joint research, discussing the work of the International Cultural Exchange Center, promoting mutually beneficial projects, promoting the establishment of the KDS AI Smart Farm Department in Vietnam, cooperating in the export of ginseng and red ginseng, and other mutual projects and personnel exchanges.

Eco Farm City CEO Duksang Ko said the agreement with Vietnam will pave the way for exchanges and expansion in various foreign countries. 

“The agreement with Vietnam, which was signed in early October, is an opportunity to promote projects that can create positive synergies between the two countries and to establish the KDS AI Smart Farm Department in Vietnam to spread Korean eco-friendly farming technology to Vietnamese talents. It is also an important and meaningful agreement because it can serve as a catalyst for exporting ginseng and red ginseng cultivated by our company to overseas countries.”


Signed a memorandum of understanding with WCU University in the US

Appointed as Vice Chancellor of 20 global universities, taking the company global

On September 22nd, Eco Farm City signed an MOU with WCU University in the United States. The signing ceremony was hosted by the National Association of University Presidents, WCU University in the United States, and the Global Alliance University. Eco Farm City CEO Duksang Ko has been appointed as a vice chancellor of 20 global universities, giving him the opportunity to introduce the technology and competitiveness of AI smart farms to overseas universities. He plans to continue to promote the competitiveness of AI KDS convergence agricultural technology by having various overseas university education presidents tour Gimpo Smart Farm including Japan, the US and the Philippines. 

He said that the agreement with WCU University was a good opportunity to promote AI KDS convergence agricultural technology to various overseas countries.

“My appointment as a vice chancellor of 20 global universities paves the way for us to export AI smart farms to 20 countries around the world. It is quite encouraging that various pathways have been opened for AI smart farms to be exported overseas, while at the same time exposing future overseas talent to Korea’s eco-friendly farming methods. Now, AI KDS convergence agricultural technology is expected to grow rapidly, becoming a technology that can be used not only domestically but also globally.”


Completing AI-based urban ginseng smart farm licensing

Cultivation in a month, mass-processing helps popularize ginseng

In August, Eco Farm City, which opened a plant farm sterile room in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, received a license for an AI-based urban ginseng smart farm from Gimpo City to further accelerate ginseng cultivation. Since the sterilization room was opened, all the ginseng grown within a month has been cultivated and turned into wellness food.

“The plant growth nutrient we developed can be applied to ordinary plants and animals, and ginseng, which would grow in a year in a normal open field, will complete all its growth in a month. And because it uses mineral technology, it can be supplied to consumers as good food with health benefits and recycled into various products. Above all, it is not only a healthy food that can be trusted to discharge impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides, but it also has the advantage of being used as a raw material for extracting health foods because all parts, including roots, stems, leaves, and fruits, contain saponins.”

The AI KDS convergence agricultural technology developed by the company has attracted great attention not only in Korea but also overseas, as it can ship ginseng in a mass process in one month, contributing to the popularization of ginseng and creating high added value. 

Ginseng, which is cultivated at a plant farm in Gimpo City, will be sold as a powdered product that combines taste and health by being added to coffee, tea, and other flour-based foods and beverages, such as ramen, bread, and noodles people enjoy.

The company also plans to launch products containing ginseng berries, which are so precious that they were exported to the Japanese imperial family, and repurposed into various gourmet foods such as seasonings, cocktails, and teas. 

Ginseng, with its saponins, is an excellent health food for children, as it helps to develop the brain, strengthen the immune system, and boost energy. In addition, ginseng extracts can be manufactured and used as ingredients for health functional foods and cosmetics, opening up export routes not only in Korea but also around the world, so there are endless possibilities for global commercialization.


Growing pesticide-free

Increasing farmers’ incomes and adding value

Eco Farm City’s AI KDS farming method, which has been carefully developed over 20 years, has distinct differences and competitiveness from conventional farming methods.

AI KDS farming is an agricultural technology that optimizes the growing environment of ginseng by precisely controlling environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and fine dust concentration. This will increase the efficiency of ginseng production and produce better quality ginseng. The company is the first in the world to develop this ginseng cultivation method with new technology, and it is gaining popularity as a competitive product not only in Korea but also in overseas markets, solidifying its position as a global agricultural company. 

AI KDS farming is a method of harvesting large amounts of ginseng through vertical hydroponics by utilizing various world-leading convergence technologies and data. Since it can be harvested in about one month, it is possible to harvest consecutive crops and increase production. Ginseng is grown without pesticides, making it safe and clean. Not only the root, but also the leaves and stems are high in saponins and can be used in salads, ssamgae, and green juice samgyetang.

AI KDS farming is creating new value for ginseng, increasing farmers’ incomes, improving consumers’ health, and realizing various other benefits, growing its value as a global business.

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