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[ž̽] Bio C&C, a company that turned livestock manure into gold nuggets, awarded the 2024 Korea Innovation Winner for eco-friendly, carbon-neutral ESG management
Biochar, a portmanteau of biomass and charcoal, is a high-carbon solid made by pyrolyzing biomass in an oxygen-free environment. It is an ec...
[ž̽] Pioneering a New Paradigm in Traffic Safety with Sight Distance A Smart Traffic Alert Solution for People
According to the 2023 Traffic Accident Statistics released by the National Police Agency, last years traffic accident fatalities were 2,5...
¼   2024-05-24
[ž̽] Brils, the frontier of the robotics, declares its vision!
The robotics market is growing rapidly. However, it has been pointed out that robotic solutions are not keeping up with the pace of developm...
ǵȣ   2024-05-24
[ž̽] Introducing nations first and only premium greenhouse building: Premium Design
The number of country houses in South Korea is steadily increasing. This is not only a national trend, but also a global one. An integral pa...
¼   2024-04-26
[ž̽] AI robots provide excellent text coding education!! Exciting and fun coding education with PYBOT.
As we enter the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the coding craze is sweeping the world. China, which is a threat to Koreas IT powe...
¼   2024-04-26
[ž̽] ͫëȫーーƫ󫰪Ϋѫ変崪ݣѣ
30戦ーࡹʪիーȣFirstʪΪ? ۪216իーȫꫢףߣɫ髴󫷫ƫ۫ƫ뫰ɫーー500Ѫ会ꬪު...
ȫ   2024-03-20
[ž̽] Introducing nations new and innovative network marketer: First Korea! Young rich are running with new network marketing paradigm!
Many people try to make money. However, goods exchanged for labor always have limitations and are unstable. In his book Rich Dads 21st Cen...
ȫ   2024-03-20
[ž̽] 竤ȫ٫ーءӫԡーëѪʪ⪫々ȫ֫ー
[ž̽] Come In Wash establishes joint ventures to expand business to Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, and Europe
Come In Wash received the Minister of the Interior and Safety Prize at the Happier Community Service Campaign on February 28. Come In Wash c...
[ž̽] Korea Gas Safety Corporation marks 50 years of devotion and services for the people this year!
This year marks the 50th anniversary of Korea Gas Safety Corporation. As the sole gas safety agency in the nation, it has contributed to red...
[ž̽] 韩国国为结ᣬ 过与ͣ领飞跃
¼   2024-01-15
[ž̽] Combining the distinct and advanced strengths of Korea, China, and Japan AEDC, leading the way to themutual prosperity through collaborating with the world community.
With the end of the East-West Cold War and the acceleration of globalization, all countries in the global village have been tied into one in...
¼   2024-01-15
[ž̽] The 1st BCFH Cultural Awards held at Grace Hall of Bundang Central Presbyterian Church
The Boondang Central Cultural Foundation for Practicing Humanity (BCFH) is a foundation established August 25, 2023. It is funded by Princip...
[Ŀ丮] Hongjin jumps in the LFP battery market in earnest
Last year was a year of great interest in the electric vehicle and battery industries, including the secondary battery craze. What about 202...
[ž̽] 实现动国产潜创业"ROBOS"
Park Jae-hyeon担LG电级研ϼ员Hyundai Robotics责师Ѣ间ʫ电/开发&...
췹   2023-12-15
[ž̽] ROBOS succeeds localizing automated slaughterhouses
South Koreas meat consumption has steadily risen. However, butchers are struggling to meet the demand due to outdated facilities and method...
췹   2023-12-15
[ž̽] 30国
ͺ国Ū﷪٤ߧ ߧ発献۪29ȫߧ発献労ષ実践४Ȫܪʪ쪿...
[ž̽] 30届韩国气奖举
[ž̽] 30th Korea Gas Safety Awards
South Korea localized LPG containers in 1967, and gas stoves began to be distributed to households in 1974. Since the early 90s, the city ga...
[Ŀ丮] 2023Ҵ现鲜̫
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