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[탑이슈] Sea & Food builds presence in food distribution and ingredients
Sea & Food is a company that has steadily been making presence in food distribution and ingredients despite recently economic downturn cause...
신태섭 기자  2023-11-20
[탑이슈] Eco Farm City expands to Vietnam and signs MOU with WCU University, US
Eco Farm City, an agricultural company that develops KDS convergence farming and leaps forward as an eco-friendly innovative agricultural co...
강민지 기자  2023-10-20
[탑이슈] We need carbon neutrality as the world warms! Energy Storage System (ESS) is a must for renewable energy!
Carbon neutrality is when as much carbon as you emit is removed by carbon capture, resulting in zero net emissions. The term carbon neutral ...
강영훈  2023-10-20
[탑이슈] 自宅で楽しむプレミアムソルトドライサウナ ヒーリングと健康のための最高の選択 「デソルト(de-salt)」
신태섭 기자  2023-09-14
[탑이슈] Introducing a premium salt dry sauna at home de-salt, the best choice for healing and health
The non-face-to-face culture that began to prevent cross-infection due to the pandemic has now become perfectly established in our daily liv...
신태섭 기자  2023-09-14
[탑이슈] ノータッチノーブラシの洗車文化、 国内を越え世界へ
강민지 기자  2023-09-14
[탑이슈] Культура мойки автомобилей без прикосновений и щеток выходит за пределы Кореи и распространяется по всему м&
Лидер в области бесконтактной мойки без прикосновений и щетокМожно мыть автомобили в больших количествах, от обычных легковых автомобилей до...
강민지 기자  2023-09-14
[탑이슈] Growing into a global carwash company
24 hour no-touch no-brush carwash makes your car, small or big, clean and shine all day longCome In Wash, which has established itself as a ...
강민지 기자  2023-09-14
[탑이슈] Leaping forward as a global agricultural corporation with innovative AI KDS convergence farming methods Year-round mass production, pesticide-free cultivation, safe and efficient farming method
Last year, Korean ginseng exports amounted to $270 million, the highest ever. However, Korean ginseng has recently been experiencing its gre...
강민지 기자  2023-09-14
[탑이슈] Botari Energy brings a new paradigm to electric vehicle charging
In 2022, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) projected that more than 39.5 million electric vehicles would be sold by 2030. That’s a 53% upw...
신태섭 기자  2023-08-14
[커버스토리] Seo Yu-jeong from Korea Art Exhibition
The work of Seo Yu-jeong, a South Korean Qi painter, is described as a special painting wishing for health and happiness with strong energy....
지윤석 기자  2023-07-27
[탑이슈] Suncheonman International Garden Expo
Suncheon creates standards for future cities!1.5 times more bookings for accommodation, 28.6 billion won sales, increased external consumpti...
백종원 기자  2023-07-18
[탑이슈] 順天湾国際庭園博覧会、 「庭園」を中心とする都市計画の新たなパラダイムを開く!
백종원 기자  2023-07-18
[탑이슈] 顺天湾国际园林博览会 开创"园林"中心城市规划的新模式
백종원 기자  2023-07-18
[탑이슈] Incr.Edible brings innovation to ESG food tech!
Food tech is a technology that manages the production or processing process of food by applying artificial intelligence and Internet of Thin...
강영훈  2023-07-18
[탑이슈] 道路包装材料30年一条路,引领国内道路包装产业的企业"Samjoong CMTech(株)"
33年来一直开发并供应特殊维修mortar系统材料的"Samjoong CMTech(株)(代表Ji Sangho)"在国内首次向中国出口特...
신태섭 기자  2023-06-19
[탑이슈] Innovation from roads to floors in schools
Samjoong CMTech is the first Korean company to export road pavement materials to ChinaFrom water works to new airports in China by our origi...
신태섭 기자  2023-06-19
[탑이슈] E-forklift company Hongjin supplies BYD forklifts, the world’s largest EV manufacturer, and commercializes LFP batteries
It is reported that in the first half of this year, global electric vehicle deliveries increased by 40% compared to the previous year. The b...
지윤석 기자  2023-06-19
[탑이슈] A Korean healthy food brand Taegeuk Sagye spreads its wings to the world!
Surrounded by the sea on three sides with more than 70% of its territory being mountainous, South Korea has a wealth of unique agricultural ...
노경빈  2023-05-17
[탑이슈] Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp leads K-Agrifood industry
Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp established in 1967 under the name Rural Development Corporation. It has contributed to the improveme...
송방원 기자  2023-05-17
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