Fran&Co, Infusing Vitality through Paradigm Shift in Office & Commercial Spaces.

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▲ Fran&Co / CEO Hyunju Lee

A space can significantly impact on people. It affects not only our psychological well-being, but also our behavior and work efficiency. For example, in IT companies where free expression of ideas is important, employees are often seated horizontally. This alone creates an environment where junior employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions to their seniors, and many progressive companies are contemplating how to change their office design to maximize the impact of these spaces.


Office Design Enhancing Work Efficiency, Productivity and Cooperation

Fran&Co is an interior design firm specializing in office, commercial, and residential spaces. At its helm is CEO Hyunju Lee, whose expertise was honed during her studies in interior design at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. Inspired by the city’s abundant blend of nature, architecture, and art, Lee developed a keen sense of design thinking, discernment, sensitivity, and practical experience. Upon returning home, Lee has infused Fran&Co with the essence of her experiences, focusing on creating exquisite spaces guided by the principle of ‘cooperation and collaboration.’ 

“Space has a huge impact on human emotions, considering the significant amount of time individuals spend in office environments. Therefore, revitalizing office spaces inevitably cultivates employees’ creativity and collaborations.” says Lee.

From an open layout to flexible workspaces and communal areas, Fran&Co fosters interaction and creativity among employees. Additionally, careful selection is made from lighting to color, materials, and spatial arrangement to create the desired ambiance.

“We design office spaces that inspire and motivate employees, whether through incorporating natural elements for a calming atmosphere or implementing dynamic lighting solutions for a lively ambiance.” says Lee.


Emotional and Touching Commercial Space Design

When it comes to commercial space design, Fran&Co focuses on user experience, brand identity, and effective communication. Through this approach, it evokes the senses and emotions of consumers, ultimately leading to their brand loyalty.

“We strive to create memorable experiences that convey the essence of the brand and resonate with customers through strategic layout, visual merchandising and sensory elements, while also reflecting the unique characteristics and cultural elements of the local context.” says Lee.

This emotional and functional yet unique design of Fran&Co may conflict with client demands. In response to how to resolve such conflicts, Lee emphasized that prioritizing genuine communication and mutual understanding is the key. She clearly understands the client’s requirements while conveying Fran&Co’s unique design philosophy and concept. Particularly, Fran&Co visualizes various design solutions in 3D renderings, allowing clients to preview their designs in advance. With these excellent operating skills in hand, CEO Lee plans to introduce a variety of interior objects and furniture under her own brand name.

“I hope that the deep insights and perspectives gained through experiencing Fran&Co’s spaces will spread to others and have a positive impact on our society.” says Lee.

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