People & Company, a reliable management partner for SMEs and small businesses, provides customized solutions through a systematic management diagnostic analysis!

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SMEs are the roots of the tree, supporting the national economy behind the scenes so that the trunk and leaves of the economy can grow. They account for more than 99% of Korean businesses, and their growth is the key to solving the job problem and revitalizing the economy.


Business consulting for small and medium companies

Located in Suwon, Korea, People & Company provides customized solutions to help SMEs thrive in a changing business environment through systematic diagnosis and analysis. 

CEO Hyunchae Song says “The business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises is not good due to frequent changes in laws and difficult market conditions, and there are no experts to help them. Big companies have keynote rooms, strategic planning offices, and secretaries to support their business, but SMEs can’t afford to hire specialized people, so we play like their secretaries and strategic planning offices.”

People & Company provides consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide on business diagnostic analysis, unlisted stock valuation, family business succession, payroll, incorporation, sole proprietorship conversion, patent consulting, surplus management, tax savings, tax audit response, accounting claims, labor management, various certifications, and policy funding. 

The company works with tax accountants, lawyers, appraisers, patent attorneys, certified professionals, and financial experts to provide services tailored to each company’s needs.

CEO Song has held strategic planning positions at LG Chem, Dongyang Cement, and SK networks, and worked as a branch manager for a foreign insurance company. He is currently an expert member of KOTERA and a board member of the Korea Society of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship. 


Providing differentiated and competitive solutions

In 2021, Song published “The Hidden Money in Your Company You Don’t Know About”. The book became a Yes24 bestseller in the general business category. 

Song says “This book contains information on taxation, financing, hidden risk management, family succession and inheritance, corporate credit management, and financial management that CEOs need to know to keep their companies strong and growing. It shows them how to save money legally and helps them stay ahead of the curve so that risks don’t catch them by surprise.”

Song, who is graduating with a doctorate in business administration this year, advises “As the world is changing rapidly, the business environment is changing rapidly, and the consulting needs of companies are diversifying. We are constantly researching and striving to become a consulting firm that clients can trust and work with. It’s not the time when you can do business alone like before. It’s time to get help from business consulting experts.”

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