Gangdong-gu, Seoul, takes a great leap forward to be the economic hub of the eastern capital region under its slogan ‘powerful change, proud Gangdong’

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Gangdong-gu is a historical district of Seoul that preserves the 6,000-year-old Amsa Prehistoric Site. It is located in the upper reaches of the Han River and the high green area ratio is 4%. As of 2023, about 460,000 people are residing here. The influx of young people recently is significantly increasing due to a good living environment. Special Subsidy for Childbirth and the Entrance Congratulatory Fund for families raising multiple children are two good examples. The district enjoys the top rank in the total fertility rate among districts of Seoul, rising sharply by 14 steps from five years ago. Other notable benefits living in the district include excellent transportation network, excellent welfare and Godeok Biz Valley. Bilingual monthly magazine PowerKorea sat down with Mayor Lee Soo-hee and learned achievements and vision.


A link of subway Lines 5, 8 and 9 alongside GTX-D stop-by

Transportation network as top priority

Mayor Lee celebrated her 100th day of taking the office on October 8, last year. On a survey carried out, the 5,750 residents singled out transportation as the most desired pledge to fulfill. And they are early extension of subway Line No.9 and GTX-D stop-by alongside a link to subway Line No.5.

For the moment, the district is excluded from the GTX line. However, Godeok Biz Valley is expected to push up the population more than 550K from 2025 and the GTX connection is a must for the district to be the hub of the eastern capital region. The good news is that the district has secured 200 million won (USD 151,894) from Seoul Metropolitan City and the Seoul Metropolitan Council for a pre-feasibility review of the connection of Line No.5. A district official says, “With this, we will improve report on the need and urgency of the connection and submit to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance for a preliminary feasibility study.” The district’s TF team is also working on GTX-D stop-by and a link of Lines 5, 8 and 9. Mayor Lee says, “The transportation network is a long-planned wish of the residents and I and my team are determined to make this happened.”


Skywalk brings a renaissance to the Han River

Gangdong itself as a brand!

Gangdong District boasts 44% of green area with rich ecological resources such as Amsa Ecological Park and Godeok Ecological Park where we can find marrow-mouthed toads and otters that are endangered species. Lee says, “I took a patrol boat and things looked better than Bamseom and I felt a big resonance like they are mangrove forests. The ecological parks can be an excellent cultural and tourism resources and I recommend you to look through from the Han River to the riversides of the district.”

In order for visitors to approach the riversides better, the district has planned to build a skywalk on which they can feel as if walking on a cloud. A district official says, “We have secured 100 million won budget for a feasibility review and the work will soon be carried out.” The district also noted that it will start drawing a rough idea of Gangdong Grand Design that will meet the voice of change and improvement from the residents. The old town will be reborn as a commercial building zone and the new town including Godeok will be an excellent residential area with great accessibility. The official says, “Through this, we will turn Gangdong as a proud district to which everyone wants to visit.”


To grow as the economic hub of the eastern capital region

Starting from Godeok Biz Valley

Godeok Biz Valley is one of the key projects in Gangdong-gu. It is a must-have for building infrastructure to improve the city’s self-sufficiency and jobs. When the construction is completed, it is expected that around 15,000 people will be employed in the resident companies while around 28,000 people also can get a job in building management, parking lots, cafeterias and startup training. The official says, “According to our calculation based on the sales of in-house companies, Godeok Biz Valley can create 9.5 trillion won economic impacts.” 

The in-house companies must hire certain or whole number of new employees among the district residents and the win-win council of the valley will tune things smoothly between large distributors like Ikea and small merchants. The official says, “We will offer benefits like free office space or partial rent assistance so that human resources can be linked to jobs whether from startup or youth entrepreneurship.” 


Gathering 72,000 residents’ will

New names to raise brand value

The district is working on changing the name of the ongoing Han River crossing bridge to Godeok Daegyo (Bridge), and the current Shinsul Nadeulmok (interchange) to Godeok Nadeulmok. The official says, “The district is the starting point of the bridge and the road and the tunnel go through a residential area which has caused a great inconvenience. But we have cooperated with this national construction project. The name of the construction was Godeok Daegyo from the beginning and we deserve to keep this.” At the signature drive held from November last year, more than 72,000 residents signed out of the targeted number 50,000.


▲ Gangdong-gu / Mayor Lee Soo-hee

Turning Gangdong one of the best healthy cities in the nation

Under the protection of welfare from the cradle to the grave

The Health 100 Year Old Counseling Center, the unique welfare program of Gangdong District, makes residents easy to pay a visit to their nearest community center to receive health counseling. This on/off line health counseling service has received positive response from the residents for covering chronic diseases, mental health and the disabled. 

February this year, the center opened a dementia division for the first time in the nation to tackle increasing number of dementia patients. The official says, “We signed an agreement with Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital to run healing programs, healing cafes and itinerant nursing services in collaboration.” Mayor Lee says, “I and my staff will work hard to make Gangdong as a healthier city for all residents.” 

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