Artist Seo Yu-jeong, who returned from the U.S. exhibition.

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The U.S. exhibition of artist Seo Yu-jeong was successfully completed in February, with the painting of peace of mind and good luck of becoming healthy just by looking at it, and interest in it is still hot. Based on the artist's explanation, programs such as the reality of black holes, the actuality of painting, and the performance of painting were held in the U.S. 

An official from the U.S. exhibition said, "Qi paintings are drawn unconsciously, and in religion, they are also called mandala or Holy Spirit paintings. It is known to give peace, love, and lucky energy to the viewers because it is drawn only by the fundamental energy and resonance of the universe. It is an honor to be able to invite Seo Yu-jeong, the only artist in person". We hope this exhibition will serve as an opportunity to experience what the true spirit is and what the fundamental principles of the universe work.

The artist explained in detail how she first started painting at the U.S. exhibition.  " 'Qi' is a good heart, and the more you do good deeds, the richer the activity itself becomes. Also, controlling and moving the energy comes from the mind. For the same reason, when you see or draw a picture, you can keep your mind calm and comfortable and keep your mind healthier if you think of good thoughts." Seo Yu-jeong said.

the artist Seo Yu-jeong, who has been steadily engaged in painting, received a good response by holding a large-scale painting exhibition in Jeju Island last year. Energy paintings, which are drawn by people with training skills, are only drawn with energy energy and waves, so blessings, prayers, and wishes for someone should be accompanied. Such a mind appears in the form of light scattering, infinite marks, and triangular shapes using a detailed ballpoint pen as a tool. 

The artist said, "I also feel a lot of energy while working on the painting and live my life itself. I hope that peace and health will be in the hearts of those who look at the 'Qi' picture. I hope you felt and learned a lot from this exhibition in the U.S." 

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