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Qi is a philosophical and traditional concept of the East. Qi also means natural energy or power, and the entire universe is believed to be full of Qi, and is believed to have a great influence on human-natural, human-social, and human-to-human interactions. The Eastern Qi originated from the philosophy of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Tao, and also influenced countries such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

Qi means that everything in the universe moves in a positive and negative balance. It is predicted that if the balance between positive and negative is broken, human health may deteriorate or natural disasters may occur. Also, Qi is closely related to human thoughts, emotions, and body conditions, experts say. By controlling and balancing Qi, it is believed that humans can lead healthy and comfortable lives. To this end, yoga and taegeukgi are developed, and Qi can be controlled in everyday ways such as diet.

For the same reason, paintings containing these Qi are also attracting very much attention. The famous Qi painter in South Korea is Seo Yu-jeong. Based on the aesthetics of energy and waves, Seo Yu-jeong comforts many people through abstract paintings that embody the energy received through prayer and meditation in everyday life. Seo Yu-jeong's work is evaluated to express the flow of unconsciousness in color, while expressing the subtle relationship between life and the universe through the process of energy spreading, giving viewers vitality and energy.

Painter Seo Yu-jeong said: "I hope that many people will be happy and healthy because of my paintings. In particular, due to Qi paintings, many people think that in order to be healthy and happy, they should be able to feel it at home, which is the cheapest and most comfortable space for anyone. For the same reason, I came up with the idea of choosing materials that can glow even at night. Also, I mainly put forward the concept of 'we are one' because I mainly draw black hole paintings. Energy explodes when it gathers. Just as one became two and two became four, it was a good response to gather energy and long for us to become one and inject strong energy into the work."

Seo Yu-jeong introduced the following regarding the work. The core of the Qi painting is to replace the flow of unconsciousness with colors to convey the energy of love, peace and happiness. The lines and colors overlapping the work allow us to look into the subtlety of the Qi flow and also suggest a meditative state of the left line. Through Qi paintings that utilize only natural materials such as light scattering, triangles, stars, whirlwind shapes, and birds, there is nothing more to hope for if many people's bodies and minds become healthy. Meanwhile, Seo Yu-jeong plans to focus more on overseas activities such as the United States, Japan, the Philippines, and China based on active work activities.

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