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▲ MZART / CEO Seo Jeong-gil

Even 10,000 won can be invested in art

You can get a stable income with a small amount

MZART (CEO Seo Jeong-gil) is an investment platform that provides stable profits to investors by exposing art works in broadcasting and movies. 

There are many ways to earn money through art tech. You can earn money through product sales or through copyright fees for artworks exposed to the media. MZART is generating copyright revenues through dramas, movies, entertainment, and rentals. The company emphasizes that stable returns can be obtained by investing even a small amount in art works. An official says, “Many people think of painting as an investment that rich people make. However, I wanted to let people know that it is possible to invest in your favorite artist or painting even with a small amount.” The company offers its clients two investment methods: joint investment and sole investment. 


No tax burden due to tax exemption

No risk for principal

Unlike real estate, there is no acquisition tax or property tax for works of art. Capital gains tax is payable only when the sale is made for capital gains. Since MZART’s copyright fees are non-taxable, the tax burden is even smaller. 

Investors choose a weekly or monthly payout date and receive a distribution of profits each month according to the amount invested. Art works have a high tendency to increase in price over time, so investment stability is also high. The company has further increased stability by creating stable copyright revenue through continuous media exposure.


From popular artists to up-and-coming artists

Promotion of domestic and international exhibitions

MZART has a variety of popular and emerging artists that can guarantee profitability. Representatively, Demi Kim is an artist who adds color and life to future generations by using various flower and color combinations. Despite her handicap, she paints bright and powerful paintings. She has held various group and individual exhibitions at home and abroad and is the world president of the Korea Federation of Disabled Persons’ Cooperatives. MZART will support cooperatives through her. 

The company has also signed a contract with Kang Chul-ki, who has held 25 solo exhibitions and about 500 times of group exhibitions and special invitational exhibitions at home and abroad. Kang served as an adjunct professor at Chugye University for the Arts and an adjunct professor at Baekseok University, and is the president of the Korea-Japan Art Exchange Association. The company strives to promote emerging artists and always exhibits works through its own galleries. An official says, “Art tech is a safe deposit, not an investment. We will bring a new wind of art investment through art tech.”

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