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Recently, the number of people visiting art exhibitions has increased significantly. Equally so is the number of tourists visiting art museums when traveling abroad. They are actively participating in exhibitions and are emerging as a new layer that is changing the exhibition paradigm.

In this atmosphere, exhibitions through &replicas* that allow visitors to approach them even closer than the original paintings are attracting attention. Vito Art Consulting is an exhibition company that brings people closer to art master pieces with replica exhibition series. Korean-English monthly PowerKorea interviewed Vito Art Consulting CEO Sooyoung Kim.


A new way of appreciating master art pieces: replica

Vito Art Consulting runs replica art exhibitions with excellent ideas and contents. 

CEO Kim is the one who introduced the World Masterpiece Replica Exhibition series. A replica is an imitation of a work of art such as a painting or sculpture by retaining the charm of the original. Replicas allow viewers to closely observe and enjoy the work from a closer distance than when viewing an actual masterpiece. 

Vito Art Consulting provides exhibitions that bring together masterpieces and masters who often appear in leading museums and Western art history. “Theme by them, viewers can see the masterpieces in a certain era at once and one place thanks to our replica exhibitions.” emphasizes Kim.

The company presented a variety of exhibitions, including <Van Gogh’s Starry Night>, <99 Hands in Western Art History>, <Greco-Roman Mythology Unraveled with 15 Keys>, and <Van Gogh’s Beloved Ukiyo-e>. These exhibitions are distinguished by the fact that they allow the viewers to read the meanings of the famous paintings in a more interesting way and humanistic reflections.

<Van Gogh’s Starry Night> reconstructs the journey of exploration leading up to the derivation of ‘Starry Night’ based on the artist’s letters. <99 Hands in Western Art History> is an interesting exploration of various ‘hands’ (gestures) expressed in the history of Western art. <Greco-Roman Mythology Unraveled with 15 Keys> is ‘15 keywords’ that make it easy to understand Greco-Roman mythology and reflect on ourselves. <Van Gogh’s Beloved Ukiyo-e> focuses on the question of “escaping from the old era,” a topic that was thrown at 19th-century French society and the Impressionists.

Vito Art Consulting has organized these exhibitions in numerous art centers such as Guri, Sejong and Gyeonggi Province.


▲ Vito Art Consulting / CEO Sooyoung Kim

Metaverse brings trust in painting

Exciting and intuitive exhibitions

QR code-driven commentary by a voice actor

“Metavese is rising as one of the new media in the market and I think it will bring trust in painting. Masterpieces in the canvas are a vitality that survived in the long history of struggle. We focused on that unique presence and perpetuity to draw up exhibition ideas.” says Kim.

As the number of people who upload exhibition photos on their social media increase, Vito Art Consulting equipped each exhibition with interesting interface. Also notable is that it provides QR code-driven commentary by a voice actor.

“As people’s interest in visual arts has increased in recent years, it is necessary to secure an exhibition space with scale and facilities and to expand the number of professionals. Exhibitions should embrace autonomy and diversity, and political issues should not limit the subject matter, the work, or the artist.” emphasizes Kim.

Kim added that she intends to mean the word Vito as vitality which the company delivers it to the people through replica exhibitions.

Vito Art Consulting CEO Sooyoung Kim has proved her excellence by standing alongside the winners of the 2023 Korea Innovative Companies & Brands Award, the 2023 Korea Innovation Award, and the 2023 Koreans of the Year.

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