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[메디컬] What is depression and how can we deal with it? Jeongyoon Huh, PhD in Psychiatry, gives helpful tips and explains latest treatments
What Is Depression?Depression is a medical illness caused by imbalance of neurotransmitter in brain. It negatively affects the way we feel, ...
강영훈  2022-03-29
[메디컬] Annoyed by skin troubles from daily mask wearing?
The pandemic is pushing many businesses into closure. However, some businesses are enjoying a boom. According to the Health Insurance Review...
신태섭 기자  2022-03-25
[메디컬] New Segyero Hospital in Tongyeong runs high pressure oxygen center for divers and citizens
(PowerKorea) “Taking over 8 billion won ($6.9 million) debt was a condition to take over the hospital and it made me hesitate. But I liked t...
김태인 기자  2021-08-26
[메디컬] Introducing cutting edge navigation implant technique realizes implant simple and smooth: Eunpyeong Time Dentist
Technical progress has changed almost all sectors of industries and many parts of our lives. AI, VR, Big Data and 3D are taking many of the ...
지윤석 기자  2021-06-29
[메디컬] Attention to detail treatment and care come from principle: Saehana Dental Clinic
(PowerKorea) Having good teeth makes our lives better. It is very important to take care of our teeth on a regular basis at the dentist alon...
양승호  2021-06-21
[메디컬] 24 hour emergency center finally opens in Haman County: Ara Korea Hospital
(PowerKorea) Opened August 2020, Ara Korea Hospital in Haman County has a very important meaning: it is the first hospital in the county tha...
김태인 기자  2021-05-28
[메디컬] Almost zero pain and 5 year warranty levels up dental treatment: Samsung Dental Group Gwangjin
In the age of homo-hundred, leading a healthy life has probably come into the top priority for many citizens in economically advanced countr...
신태섭 기자  2020-12-28
[메디컬] Pasa Your Sleemate helps you breathe easy and nice while asleep
There is a saying 'sleep cures everything'. We experience our body work better the next day after a sound sleep last night than a ba...
신태섭 기자  2020-12-22
[메디컬] Good Dental Clinic makes it easy for senior citizens and underprivileged in Pyeongtaek for painless dental care
When it comes to teeth, South Koreans often say “having healthy teeth is one of the five blessings.” In other words, it is not easy to have ...
신태섭 기자  2020-10-22
[메디컬] Navigation Implant System in Daejeon equipped with latest equipment, rich clinical experiences and attention to detail customer services
Like other diseases, prevention plays the crucial role when it comes to healthy teeth. Regular dental care from as little as baby can keep 2...
신태섭 기자  2020-10-22
[메디컬] Pureun Hospital and One The Pool SPA to rise as medical and leisure landmarks of Changwon CitySouth Korea is rapidly approaching to superaged society. The Moon administration has brought up a rough sk
South Korea is rapidly approaching to superaged society. The Moon administration has brought up a rough sketch on improved health and medica...
김태인 기자  2020-07-27
[메디컬] Where would you stay when you get old and need a care?
The Korea Development Institute predicted the people aged more than 65 will take 20% of the whole populations in South Korea by 2026. In oth...
강진성 기자  2020-03-23
[메디컬] This Q&A tells you how to keep your dental health in sound
Q. What is teeth and gum disease and how can we prevent it?A. It is a disease occurs around teeth and gums. At the initial stage, it starts ...
지윤석 기자  2020-02-19
[메디컬] 20 years of devotion to citizens of Ansan
What makes Ansan Sarang General Hospital different from other general hospitals is ‘locality’. Ansan Sarang, run by the Chilsuk Medical Foun...
강진성 기자  2019-06-24
[메디컬] The age of preventive medicine has arrived: Daon Health Care Center
As we live longer, we also want to live healthier. It might be arguable but South Korea seems to have improved much in terms of wealth but s...
신태섭 기자  2019-06-21
[메디컬] You are what you eat and how you sleep
“Korean medicine I think is a ‘body-centered medicine’. Unlike the western medicine where a measure is taken when a symptom appears, Korean ...
지윤석 기자  2018-11-14
[메디컬] ATOMEMO and Doctor Jam help you improve your skin troubles
E.W. Naturopathy Laboratory is an atopy cure specialist. Director Lee Chung-sik of the lab says “It is important to nip it (atopy) in the bu...
지윤석 기자  2018-09-18
[메디컬] Mental disease worsens with the public prejudice
Feeling empathy comes firstIf you, or someone you know, are worried about paying a visit to a mental health clinic or a psychiatry due to th...
임승민 기자  2018-06-14
[메디컬] 풍부한 현장 경험과 깊이 있는 연구로 단련된 감염성합병증 및 외상외과 전문의
외과의 영역이 세분화되면서 암환자 위주의 치료에 집중되고, 외상, 응급수술, 중환자 치료 등의 응급 및 중증 환자에 관심이 상대적으로 줄게 되면서, 응급 및 중증 외과 환자를 통합하여 관리하기 위한 분야가 2008년 세브란스 병원에서 시작되었다. 이후...
정재헌 기자  2018-03-08
[메디컬] 어두워진 빛을 다시금 밝혀주는 따스한 손길
중부권 최고의 대형 안과병원, 예산서울안과흔히 ‘늙음은 노안과 함께 시작된다’고 한다. 인간의 기대수명이 100세에 이를 만큼 의료기술은 놀랍게 발전했지만, 노화로 인한 시력감퇴는 때가 되면 어느 누구도 피해갈 수 없는 과정이기 때문이다. 이에 우리가...
임승민 기자  2017-10-20
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