Pureun Hospital and One The Pool SPA to rise as medical and leisure landmarks of Changwon CitySouth Korea is rapidly approaching to superaged society. The Moon administration has brought up a rough sk

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▲ Pureun Hospital / Head Director Park Jang-sik

South Korea is rapidly approaching to superaged society. The Moon administration has brought up a rough sketch on improved health and medical care pointing out the year 2026 as to enter the border line. In fact, senile disorders have been an issue of our society even before Moon introduced the roadmap.

Pureun Hospital

Park Jang-sik, Head Director of Pureun Hospital, used to work as a police officer. Taking charge in various positions from intelligence division to Interpol, he had climbed the ladder to senior superintendent as the first among his fellows and wowed them once more by being promoted to the youngest police chief. 

"I worked as a police officer for 23 years and saw the world within my boundary. But I always had interest in business management as I was influenced by my father who ran a hospital. As the eldest son of the family, I had this sense of duty to pass down the family business and so I started to learn the work one by one time to time during my public services" says Park.

Pureun Hospital is the result of his father and mother's hard work as well as good will to help people in need of medical care. As his father was a armine corps officer turned businessman, Pureun Hospital is the solely designated veterans hospital in South Gyeongsang Province.

Retiring from his public services as the chief of the Masan Dongbu Police Station June 2018, Park inaugurated as the 2nd head director of Pureun Hospital. 

Largest convalescent hospital in the province

Pureun Hospital is the largest convalescent hospital in the province. Rehabilitation is very important for patients to recover faster from aftereffect of medical treatments. Stroke patients, for example, need rehabilitation within 6 months of its treatment with the customized services as the best option because each patient has different conditions even though the disease is the same. 

Starting with 253 sickbeds in 2008, Pureun Hospital opened 4 specialized centers in 2016: rehabilitation center, cancer center, artificial kindey center and general checkup center. In 2018, the hospital increased the number of the intensive rehabilitation center (robot rehabilitation center) and the artificial kidney center to 56 from 31, and in 2019, increased the number of the wards to 679 sickbeds in 31 wards. 

More than half of the patients at Pureun Hospital are patients with disability. A total of 460 medical staff are offering professional medical services for rehabilitation, internal medicine, neurology, family medicine, nephrology, obstetrics and gynecology, and oriental medicine. 

Rehabilitation programs are based on one on one basis for intensive and effective care and recovery. Dialytic therapy by cutting edge equipment is made 2 to 3 times a week as a session normally takes 4 hours. The US FDA approved BSD-2000 high frequency hyperthrmia equipment maximizes the curing effect against cancer with the support of high pressure oxygen therapy and hydrotherapy. 

"Our excellent rehabilitation programs involve natural healing such as gardening, herbal medicine, forest therapy, art therapy, yoga, meditation and gymnastics. Also, nurses are allocated for each patient to receive home-visit care services even after discharged" says Park.

Thanks to this cutting edge medical equipment and treatment programs as well as excellent patient services, Pureun Hospital listed its name in the 1 Grade in nurse-power and the 1 Grade in the medical bill audit carried out by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service. 

It is notable that having obtained MBA at Yonsei University, Park increased operation profit by 40% within 2 and half years of his inauguration. 

One The Pool SPA

Park has signed an investment agreement with Changwon City to create a resort One The Pool SPA by October 2022 in Gusan-myeon, Masan District, Changwon. This 1 storey underground and 4 storey overground building of two on a 16,639㎡ land is to house spa, swimming pool, fitness, indoor golf, kids cafe, beauty shop, game room, food court and many more. 40 billion won (33.4 Million USD) is estimated to be poured in for the resort.

"Around 1.45 million people in and around the city are expected to benefit from this cutting edge resort. It takes only about 50 minutes from Busan to the resort when the expressway between Busan New Port and Machangdaegyo Bridge opens next year. Also, the resort is expected to contribute to a boost of local economy by creating 200 new jobs."

Park is confident to say that Pureun Hospital and One The Pool SPA is to rise as medical and leisure landmarks of Changwon City.

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