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▲ Pasa Medi / CEO Choi Hyun-jin

There is a saying 'sleep cures everything'. We experience our body work better the next day after a sound sleep last night than a bad sleep. However, not all of us can sleep soundly even if we really want to. Stress contributes to this and some experts also pont out snoring and sleep apnea. The problem, however, is that there is still no decisive solution to these two symptoms. 

A South Korean sleep solutions company Pasa Medi joined hands with Ilmi Dental Clinic to have carried out researches and clinical tests on snoring and sleep apnea for many years. And in 2013 introduced Pasa, a mouth guard that can help people breathe easy and nice while asleep.

Pasa Medi has upgraded the performance of Pasa year by year through 4,000 clinical tests and obtained a number of patents. Ilmi Dental Clinic, meanwhile, has found out the correlation between sleep apnea and rhinitis and asthma, and the complications it accompanies. 

"Snoring and sleep apnea can weaken the lungs to inhale oxygen. It can damage the heart and can cause complications such as fatigue, headache, high blood pressure, cardiac infarction, cerebral infarction and heart attack in the worst case if the symptoms persist for a long time" says Park Young-hyun, Director of Ilmi Dental Clinic. 

The World Health Organization said in 2007 that the number of sleep apnea patients in the world was around 100 million. A report of the Lancert, a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal, in July last year, however, brought up different figure: 1 billion based on the research and analysis carried out by ResMed, a California-based medical equipment company, and 12 industry experts in 193 countries. The report also said more than 50% of patients, who suffered from obesity, heart failure, stroke, TIA, atrial fibrillation and 2 type diabetes, also have sleep apnea. 

Park, who has worked on Pasa for 7 years alongside running a dental clinic for 30 years, says "Each person has each different shape of gums, teeth and mouth. If the temporomandibular joint is twisted, the dentures are useless no matter how well they were made. This aroused my curiosity and I found out that there is connection between temporomandibular joint and snoring and sleep apnea. So I developed mouth guards, applied to some patients and saw noticeable results."

Pasa Medi CEO Choi says "Ear-nose-and-throat clinic and neurologist in South Korea tend to apply positive airway pressure in an effort to improve snoring and apnea. But positive airway pressure is considered as second best as it is hard on nose and airway and it is difficult to move around."

The main reason for snoring and sleep apnea is because the air does not go in and out of the airway smoothly. And it has been reported that many mouth guards sold on the market are rather causing uncomfortableness and pain instead of helping the breathing nice and easy. 

"There are 18 reported reasons to cause snoring and sleep apnea. The four most frequently quoted reasons are 1) a twist of cervical vertebrae 1 to 2 2) tongue retreating back 3) the lower jaw retreating 4) a twist of temporomandibular joints. Because the anatomical structure of derencephalus is hereditary so the snoring and sleep apnea likely to be hereditary too" says Choi.

Pasa is designed to make a space between the lower jaw and the tongue even after wearing it so the patient can take it out and in again unconsciously when feeling uncomfortable. According to Choi, Pasa has showed 90 to 95% of effect in improving symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea. 

"Pasa also improved performance of the lungs and eased the rhinitis. Because I'm confident with our technologies and its effect, customers who are not satisfied will get 100% refund. So far, only 5% has been made refund which means that most customers feel satisfied with performance of Pasa."

In this time of the pandemic, you can order Pasa online and here is how: order - receive - press your teeth on the component A and B before it gets solid - Pasa Medi comes and collects it - video your upper teeth and lower teeth and send it to Pasa Medi - receive the finished product. If you prefer face to face, you can visit Ilmi Dental Clinic. 

Pasa Medi has 5 patents issued from South Korea and a number of other patents issued from Europe, Canada, Japan and China. Pasa Medi obtained a NET from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and a GMP, and received a gold prize at the Korea Invention Exhibition. CEO Choi currently is expecting to receive FDA Class II approval and is ambitious to break into the profitable US market. PowerKorea : Powering Korean Companies to the world.

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