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[ž̽] South Korean eco-friendly biodegradable materials take part in protecting Earth from plastic pollution: Green Bio
[Plastic Pollution]Plastic has low production cost and high usability. We can hardly find goods that are not partly or whole made of plastic...
¼   2021-11-25
[ž̽] ˡーȫƫ温ڪ׵⡻
[ž̽] 将设"Rogistics温ڪ׵设"
[ž̽] Donghaeng E&Cs innovative low temperature logistics center answers to increasing demand for late night and early morning delivery of fresh foods and goods
[Prospects for Logistics Real Estate]Logistics real estate is growing fast in South Korea. Experts predict the growth will be made steadily ...
[ž̽] "()Royal GLS"为会... 开кڪ׵乱门
ڪ׵˭业Royal GLS为磬实现长别ͣ产ή状ܻԸѢ过ͣ构ͳฟ...
¼   2021-10-25
[ž̽] South Korean logistics company Royal GLS keeps rolling the business amid pandemic
[Logistics]The pandemic has contained ships and airplanes for 2 years while we are still struggling to counter-contain it. The cost has jump...
¼   2021-10-25
[ž̽] 氢经济碳环经济清洁决۰
ǵȣ   2021-10-21
[ž̽] FCI provides eco-friendly energy solutions with its innovative hydrogen fuel cell technologies
[Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development Cluster]On September 28, North Gyeongsang Province held a meeting to discuss building of a hydrogen fuel cel...
ǵȣ   2021-10-21
[ž̽] 养领韩国网络ؼ画网络ؼ画
[ž̽] 国ؼ画㪤励૦ؼ画
[ž̽] Mana Studio wins 2021 Korea Culture Management Awards in webtoon
(PowerKorea) Webtoon comes from web and cartoon. Webtoon, especially on Naver and Kakao, in South Korea is a industry that has a huge potent...
[ž̽] 国竜իƫЫ롸2021ͳ竜ͣExpo
[ž̽] 国ʫ龙庆"2021庆ͳ龙ͣ览会"
[ž̽] Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo 2021 is expected to enliven mood of pandemic-tired people
(PowerKorea) Dinosaurs are reptiles and are known to be extinct between 145 million and 65 million years ago. Some of the popular names know...
[ž̽] South Korean 3D tech company 3D Automation builds global manufacturing partnership with its innovative digital engineering solutions
Top Issue 1 (PowerKorea) Engineering is an important part if manufacturing industry as a whole is to secure competitiveness i...
Namhae là iểm cực nam của Bán ảo Hàn và là hòn ảo du lịch v...
[ž̽] Namhae Season Tourist Hotel plays a key role in promoting regional culture and tourism
(PowerKorea) Namhae is the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula and is in the center of Hallyeosudo. The coast is consisted of 68 islands bi...
[ž̽] ͣ产CVD烯领˭国——韩国
[ž̽] ͣCVDիߧ強国国㪤룡
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