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[ž̽] South Korean GrapheneLab succeeds worlds first mass produced CVD graphene and won Innovative New Material at 2021 Korea Future Management Awards
(PowerKorea) Graphene is an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms. Graphene is received as the best characterized material exi...
[ž̽] ʢ疗减轻
[ž̽] A global authority of pain doctor becomes Koreas first Member of the Membership and Chapters Committee of the International Association of the Study of Pain (IASP): Daehyun Jo, Director of Jo Pain C
(PowerKorea) People complaining neck and shoulder pain are increasing due to the constant use of computers and smartphones. Pain is a signal...
[ž̽] 进电气灾预决۰С电ͺ断
对15Ҵ经验术电ͺ断专业龙头业񻣩Arcontek( 罗载)...
ȣ  2021-06-17
[ž̽] Giải phap phong chống chay nổ do iện tien tiến nhất 'Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters'
Công ty chuyên về thiết bị ngắt hồ quang tốt nhất, niềm tự hào v...
ȣ  2021-06-17
[ž̽] 80% of fire is ignited by a spark and Arconteks innovative AFCI removes this 80% possibility: Arcontek
(PowerKorea) September last year around the dawn, a spark broke out at a fruit store in Cheongnyangni Traditional Market. The fire spread in...
ȣ  2021-06-17
[ž̽] Introducing new concept wellbeing facilities for residents and members of communities: Design Park
(PowerKorea) In South Korea, the conception of wellbeing is shifting fast to communal from private. If the private has focused on personal h...
¼   2021-06-17
[ž̽] 视优务ܡInsight 将为与顾发务
[ž̽] Competence and trust are what make a law firm stand out: Insight
(PowerKorea) Law firm Insight is nestled around Gwanghwamun, Jung District, Seoul. Lawyers at Insight have extensive experience at large law...
[ž̽] Come in wash触动车谱写车业 ˭竞争产100%总为运营体ͧ&
随动车业备们关񼣬创办动车来Come in washʫ೫...
[ž̽] Non-contact, non-brush car wash cleans your car immaculately: Come In Wash
(PowerKorea) Come In Wash of Hwaier Inc. is famous for non-contact and non-brush car wash. Its excellence was proved by winning the National...
[ž̽] ոګ实费ո 来国冲击没动摇
国掀ܡ战会会ͣ产业ڣ ߾个国ٻ网络论坛ঀ...
¼   2021-04-20
[ž̽] Appalling video of kimchi being made in China shock Koreans and kimchi lovers!!!
(PowerKorea) The video that revealed how kimchi is made in China shocked Koreans: a naked man soaking his lower body in a yellowish water po...
¼   2021-04-20
[ž̽] Nara Bios innovative ModuSsack, ModuSsack Ca+Mg, ModuSsack Aminofull and Ddangbuja bring eco-friendly farming to farmers and eco-friendly food to consumers
(PowerKorea) Nara Bio is a South Korean eco-friendly fertilizer company established in 2018 under its marketing concept creating a better a...
[ž̽] 教Ъƪ롹Ȫ٤ 舎教ΡƫȡĪ 学㧪Ѫ請学
[ž̽] 怀揣创教ڱ来٤ 学衢课试绩业 导学学习导个教
紧跟ͣ教变趋势ڱ来BenJamin学衱 韩国过ԤҴ教导ټ20...
[ž̽] A school with no buildings, classes, exams, grades and homework fosters self-oriented future leaders
An alternative school is a school that runs its own curriculum and teaching methods as opposed to the traditional education systems. Alterna...
[ž̽] ー湫ーȡԫーիー롻
[ž̽] ή区清净综门 PURI FOTAL DigitalGreen()为构国际ͧ统ҽ
[ž̽] South Korean 'Puri Fotal', 'Purifall' and 'Purifall M' make quarantine easier and cost-saving in buildings, public transportation and private spaces
One thing COVID-19 has changed the way we walk through a building in and out is that we must put a mask and sanitize both hands. While many ...
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