EZ Free Sheet and G-SIGN WAY make road sign more visible and easier to install and maintain

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▲ EZ Group / Chairman Juyoung Kim and CEO Jiwon Kang

[Is Road Sign White Elephant?]
In the age of navigation guiding the driver to its destination, road signs seem to have come to white elephant. The truth, however, that many drivers still depend on road signs as indicators to prepare the turn. What is more important, emphasizes Jiwon Kang, CEO of EZ Group, is that maintaining road sings 'more visible'. In fact, many road signs are worn-out or the paint being ripped off which makes drivers especially hard at night. It is also problematic that it takes time to replace weather-damaged road signs quick, efficient and cost-saving. Knowing these issues more than anyone else in the industry, a South Korean road sign specialist EZ Group rolled up sleeves and introduced innovative EZ Free Sheet and G-SIGN WAY.

[EZ Free Sheet]
With development of new sign materials in 2004, the company has gone through more than 700 times of tests. EZ Free Sheet and G-SIGN WAY are the very results which company claims it to be the world's first. This LED reflection luminous sheet proudly obtained patent no.30-0717396 and design no.10-2295982. The innovation of EZ Free Sheet is at its easy application without a hassle such as separate patterns design, acrylic processing, gluing or finish. It also removes the blackening phenomenon occurs during the LGP processing. The electricity bill is reduced to 1/20 of fluorescent and 1/2 of LED while the brightness is 30 to 160% brighter than LGP. It also boasts better visibility and readability and a number of tests show strong endurance without any change on the surface at 40℃ 85%RH during 48 hours and 23℃ distilled water during 168 hours. In other words, EZ Free Sheet not only simplified the processing of application and removed hassly separate equipment to do the job done but it is also energy efficient and versatile. 

G-SIGN WAY is exactly the same with EZ Free Sheet performance-wise but it is modular-type. It can be made for only the parts needed without making a whole new road sign or removing it. CEO Kang emphasizes that G-SIGN WAY can save 35 to 60% cost than the existing methods. 

"It truly is innovative as we do not need to make a whole new road sign or remove it to install a new one. It saves costs, labor and even industrial waste" points out Kang.

[Winning Best of Made In Korea]
EZ Group fully boasted its two brain children EZ Free Sheet and G-SIGN WAY with rocket high confidence at the Photonics Korea 2021 Convergence Tech Trade Fair. It was co-hosted by the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development and the Korea Display Industry Association. Around 150 companies and organizations from 20 countries participated in the fair. Among many products relating to photonics communications, health, bio, precision, materials and energy, EZ Group shined at photonics lighting. In the same year, EZ Group proudly listed its name in the Best of Made In Korea 2021 in the photonics category. 

"It is encouraging that EZ Group's innovative EZ Free Sheet and G-SIGN WAY are especially being applied in the 30km-limit school zones for better visibility, safety and maintenance. Taking the momentum, our excellent teams at EZ Group are working on solar energy-based pedestrian and cyclist guidelines as well as smart speed limit warning alarming systems. EZ Group is determined to make contribution to creating a better road signs for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles and we will keep pushing our challenges with innovative ideas" emphasizes EZ Group Chairman Juyoung Kim. <PowerKorea>

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