Come In Wash wins SMEs and Startups Ministerial Prize at Innovation Winner 2021 with its innovative ‘no touch no brush’ car wash

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Creating a sensation in the car wash market in the nation, Come In Wash won the SMEs and Startups Ministerial Prize at the Innovation Winner 2021 held at the Seoul Press Center on November 19. Launched in 2018, its hassle free ‘no touch no brush’ car wash created such a buzz among car owners and drivers and the business has grown with record breaking sales. The company has obtained numerous certificates including Venture Enterprise, R&D Friendly and SCI Information Service & Excellent Technology Enterprise while its innovative automated no touch no brush washing machine is being screened for a patent at the moment. The company moved fast in this time of the pandemic and has completed development of an app for both Adroid and IOS so that ‘no touch no brush’ users can easily arrange things: top up and pay on the go without a card or cash nationwide. 


“All you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone, arrange a time, location and pay, and seat back and relax while your car is being washed” says Sukwon Yang, CEO of Come In Wash.


[What Does No Touch No Brush Do?]

The ‘no touch no brush’ car wash does not leave any hint of damages on your car after the job done. The detergent used at the wash obtained a certificate from the Ministry of Environment and it is strong and cleans thoroughly of the car including the foreign bodies, dusts and sticks under the car where our hands are hard to reach. The high pressured spray pin points the exact location to wash in even distance and pressure and it shoots 360 degrees. Because the water used at ‘no touch no brush’ is warm, you do not need to worry about washing your car in winter at - 20℃. In fact, more drivers prefer to use ‘no touch no brush’ in winter than any other seasons. From compact cars, buses and excavators to trailers, ‘no touch no brush’ takes care of your car with cutting edge technologies and such thoroughness. You cannot help but being satisfied when the job is done.


[Joining the Boat]

All Come In Wash stores are directly managed by the head office in order to keep consistency in maintenance and customer services. Due to flooding in inquiries for partnership at the moment, you might have to wait average three months to arrange a consulting. But three months are worth waiting for Come In Wash’s down to earth consulting that covers from licensing, designing, engineering and installation to management and customer services all in one with attention to detail. 


“Our specialized teams are dispatched to the location you would like to open a business to take care of everything from designing, engineering and installation not to mention maintenance of course. We have a high level of satisfaction rate from both business partners and car drivers and our up to 4 year warranty package will free you from any kinds of worries on maintenance and management through our excellent 24/7 ready to dispatch teams” says Yang.


[More Than Perks AT Gas Station]

Come In Wash is moving fast to meet the needs and wants of the impending age of eco-friendly cars that will soon surpass combustion in numbers. In fact, gas stations are the ones that should move faster than any others to turn their soon unprofitable business model according to the market trend. And Come In Wash is playing a relief pitcher for them. CEO Yang points out that some gas stations that installed ‘no touch no brush’ are generating more profits from car wash than selling gas which is noteworthy. 


“Through this collaboration, I and my team are ambitious to grow Come In Wash like Starbucks that is everywhere. We actually opened a store in line with an electric vehicle seller and a Starbucks which somehow is creating an inspiring vibe. Never let go of this moment of enlightenment, we are working on more creative contents like Starbucks does.”


[From 100 to 500]

Come In Wash has opened 100 stores nationwide as of December 2021. Expecting more than 30 stores soon including the flagship store in Gangnam District, Seoul, January next year, Yang and his team are determined to run to reach their goal of 500 stores nationwide. 


“Rent in Gangnam is very expensive and to be honest I’m a little bit nervous. But the explosive growth rate of our business makes me and my team confident that we can do it. It is the first store in Seoul and it will be the base for our business to grow and spread a step high. Naturally, we will pour all of our knowhow and knowledge in the store in terms of everything from equipment and design to customer services.”


In recognition of its excellence in technology and business management, Come In Wash received SMEs and Startups Ministerial Prize at the Innovation Winner 2021 held at the Seoul Press Center on November 19. Currently, 100 passionate staff members are working for Come In Wash to grow business together. <PowerKorea>

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