Making contribution to health of humanities on earth

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▲ Healing TFK / CEO Yoon Pil-young

Not many people can avoid using electric devices today. From smart phones and TV to home appliances, electromagnetic wave and wifi can cause headache and palpitation. 

“Electromagnetic wave happens when we use electric devices. Although we use them for convenience, they actually are bad for our body. The idea of Healing Plus started from this awareness” says Yoon Pil-young, CEO of Healing TFK. 

Healing Plus

Healing Plus was applied with mix of minerals, specialized adding materials and energy amplification technology. According to Yoon, it can help stability of brainwave, can improve air quality and remove germs and odors. It also improves blood corpuscle, strengthens immunity and activates bioenergetics. 

Healing Plus is offered for home and car. Far-infrared radiation and scalar wave of Healing Plus for car especially is designed to reduce smell and germs, recover fatigue of driver, increase output and fuel efficiency. 

“Healing Plus for car is effective after 7 days of installation. Drivers can feel the change of output, reduction of noise and improvement of fuel efficiency. But it takes about a month for drivers to feel maximum difference in resistance and driving power.”

7 years of research and development

Yoon says that all matters in the universe have rotational energy called ‘torsion field’. Some papers and tests by Russian scientists explain that torsion field is the 5th energy after gravitational force, electromagnetic force, weak force and strong force, the four existing forces of nature. Torsion field is a force reacting from long distance like gravity and it comes from all matters living or dead and it is everywhere. 

“Healing Plus is the very result of 7 years of research and development on torsion field. We improved it and completed it with adding materials and unique manufacturing method. We also applied mix of minerals and energy amplification technology” says Yoon.

“Healing Plus rapidly increases level of alpha wave that reflects change of blood corpuscle and stability of brain and this rapid increase helps concentration, improves air quality and reduces water vein wave.”

Improvement of atopy symptoms

Far-infrared radiation is known to prevent aging, ease pains, stimulate metabolism and recover chronic fatigue. One of the key benefits of Healing Plus is air purification and sterilizing action. Harmful substances normally occur in positive ion. Negative ion then neutralizes these substances and it also improves atopy symptoms. 

Positive ion gets neutralized when pure negative ion is sprayed on the itch parts for 20 minutes. Active oxygen also disappears and it purifies blood, stimulates metabolism and eases rhinitis and asthma. 

“Healing Plus can be used in almost all places from home and offices to schools and commercial buildings as well as farms.”

Winning 2017 World Luxury Brand Awards

Healing TFK started research on Healing Plus in 2007, obtained a letter of advice on rotational electromagnetic waves of mechanical engineering department of Ajou University, and completed indoor air quality test in 2015. 

In 2016, the company obtained a letter of appointment for quality certified enterprise from the US Far Infrared Radiation Association followed by approval for KC, and registering the product to the FDA as a medical device. 

In 2017, the company participated in the SMEs Technology Innovation Fair held in Hangzhou China and won the 2017 World Luxury Brand Awards held at South Korea National Assembly building in the category of manufacturing and health. Also in the same year, the company signed a MOU with the Korea Health Medical Foundation affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. 

“Based on our accumulated technology and experience as well as nationwide branches, we are expecting to draw fruits in abundance this year. We will keep doing our best to make contribution to health of humanities on earth.”


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