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▲ Origin G&B / CEO Sungho Song

Eco-friendly probably is the most quoted word in the media in recent years. People started to take environmental pollution seriously and both on/off markets are filled with products, regardless its kind, marked with “eco-friendly”. Competition is fierce and companies are struggling to take the best seat by offering more eco-friendly and affordable price.

The Korean Origin G&B is a company specialized in eco-friendly detergent. For housewives, picking up a detergent is as important as picking up a fresh cooking ingredient because it directly affect skin of family members. The bad news is that many detergents sold on the markets contain a chemical substance or more such as surfactant, PH regulator and artificial fragrance. These substances are not only bad for our health but also for environment when released as waste water.

The Origin G&B’s innovative ‘Miracle Water’ is strong alkali electrolytic reduction detergent. No chemical substances or additives are added but it literally is 100% water. It is odorless, colorless and foamless and can be used anywhere anytime. It becomes neutral when mixed with water and does not affect environment at all when released to sewage. What makes it wow is that it dissolves even stains and oils by just simply spraying and leaving it for a while. 

Miracle Water cleans, kills bacteria and removes bad smell. The cleaning power of alkali ion water has been reported in the media many times. The Alkali ion water with more than pH11 is approved by the environment ministry to be used as detergent, deodorant and insecticide. Nevertheless, the reason alkali ion water is not easy to use is at its poor sustainability. Many of pH12.5 alkali ion water sold in the market lose alkali automatically after 2 to 3 months. 

So Origin G&B developed a technology that maintains more than pH13 alkali concentration and it keeps alkali for a long time except when it is mixed with water. CEO Sungho Song says:

“Miracle Water significantly increased cleaning and antibacterial effects that are significantly dropped from the moment the lid is open. We launched a R&D in cooperation with Japanese counterpart for many years and the result was Miracle Water that has pH13 alkali concentration. And you can choose one of 7 Miracle Water lines for your bathroom, kitchen and even pets.”

Origin G&B boasts the Korea’s best electrolysis technology as well as LOHAS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and it has passed the strict skin allergy test carried out by the German Dermatest. The factory in Ulsan, South Korea, has cutting edge production facilities with strict health and safety rules to meet the highly sensitive customer demands. 

“Not a single substance that can harm both humans and environment is released from Miracle Water. So you are absolutely safe to use all 7 Miracle Water product lines.”

To expand the market, Origin G&B engages in international exhibitions more than 3 times a year and recently has obtained Halal certificates from both authorities of South Korea and Indonesia. 


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