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Naturally made cosmetics are new trend

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CEO Imgyeong Jeon

As South Korea’s GDP marks USD 30,000, ‘beauty trend’ has risen as one of the hottest keywords in the society. Unlike in the past where presence of colors and looks took the center stage, ingredients are rising as a new game changer today. The cosmetics made of natural ingredients are highly sought after so the cosmetic companies are struggling to take the best seat in the field. Imgyeong Jeon, CEO of Missy Woman Cosmetics, started to make soaps 20 years ago and has grown the business as a promising natural ingredient-based cosmetics firm. 

From obtaining ISO 22716 to down-to-earth training
Missy Woman Cosmetics covers from OEM/ODM to selling of customized cosmetics and running training programs and business consulting. All cosmetics made by Missy Woman Cosmetics obtained ISO 22716 (GMP international cosmetics standard) which makes it use ‘natural ingredients’. 

While securing ISO 22716, Missy Woman Cosmetics started to run a customized cosmetic making certificate course and a national cosmetic qualification certificate course from last year in order to foster talented future specialists in the field. The training is consisted of 7 hours per week of a total 8 weeks course with less than 9 persons per class to maximize the effect. 

“Students must note the fact that the cosmetics law has recently been revised this year and the changes are to be announced during June or July with full application from September. We predict that the exam subjects will range from law and ingredient to chemicals and quality management. The training courses at Missy Woman Cosmetics, therefore lays more importance on practice than theory and they come with marketing strategies. For this reason, the student’s satisfaction rate on our course is very high” says Jeon.

Variety of choices
The products made by Missy Woman Cosmetics are in variety. The bath gel is one of the most sought after and the 10 kinds of perfumes are good enough to stop the passerby (they are sold at Lotte department store). The feminine cleanser and the male cleansers are safely made of the FDA 1st graded surfactant and the natural aroma essential oil and the lactobacillus makes the surfactant almost zero irritation even in the eyes. 

In terms of customized cosmetics, Missy Woman Cosmetics offers 100g base products at 18,000 won (50g normally costs around 30,000 won to 100,000 won). Apart from customized cosmetics, Missy Woman Cosmetics is to release shampoo, skin, lotion, BB cream, toner and lipstick around May or June this year. 

Currently, Missy Woman Cosmetics are found at Chocoya Itaewon and Nowon District Seoul and Chocoya Busan as well as I’m Plastic, Amazon, Auction and 11th Street. 

Korea Natural Cosmetics Cooperative
Jeon and people with the same mind set sail the Korea Natural Cosmetics Cooperative in December 2018 in order to promote and protect the rights and interests of its members. The establishment of the cooperative also is part of the revised cosmetics law which included soap in its boundary; it means that small soap makers are likely to close down their already hard-up businesses. 

So the Korea Natural Cosmetics Cooperative is actively engaging in selling the natural soaps, which were sold out at Lotte department store Ulsan recently, alongside various other member products such as natural detergents, natural candles and natural air fresheners. The recent release of Beomuli Spot (mosquito spot skin soother) especially is to be a hot seller in this summer as it is made of natural plant oil. 

Jinah Byeon, the board director of the Korea Natural Cosmetics Cooperative, said “The products with rich peptide have proved excellent skin regeneration effect and they are being used as medicine to cure the burn. They also help improve whitening and wrinkle. It is not surprising, therefore, that they are being exported to China and South East Asia at the moment. So we are pushing forward the momentum harder and stronger with excellent quality competiveness.” 

Jeon added “Both Missy Woman Cosmetics and the Korea Natural Cosmetics Cooperative are not a large company or organization. But we have our confidence, knowledge, knowhow and experience in the field and we are determined to make a history in promoting excellent Korean cosmetics to the world over Korea.” 


















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