Gonggantech, an innovative technology company in Gangneung, introduces seismic technology that secures stability against loads and earthquakes at the 2023 Korea Build Week & Space Tech

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For four days from the 16th of last month, 2023 Korea Build Week, the largest interior design event in Korea, was successfully held at KINTEX in Ilsan. Approximately 700 companies participated in the fair, and 2,500 booths related to architecture, construction and interior were set up. This year’s exhibition delighted the eyes of the visitors with new technologies and trends that were newly introduced. Monthly PowerKorea covered the earthquake-resistant ceiling light steel frame of Gonggantech, a company specializing in construction safety products with 20 years of experience in the field.

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Pay attention to the products that meet the needs for system ceiling!

At the 2023 Korea Build Week, we could see a large number of products related to building and construction materials, systems, equipment, ventilation, IoT systems, renewable energy, interior materials, lighting and design. Among these participating companies, Gonggantech’s seismic lightweight steel system booth received great attention from visitors. This company was introduced to PowerKorea before for realizing zero-accident and zero-defect construction. The company’s multifunctional earthquake-resistant lightweight steel system ceiling frame, introduced at this exhibition, attracted attention of visitors. By improving the problems of the existing lightweight steel frame hangers, which have no such technology in Korea yet, this safety system ceiling frame with seismic test results and multi-functional performance was enough to attract the attention from industry officials and visitors alike. The features of Gonggantech’s multifunctional earthquake-resistant lightweight steel system ceiling frame are as follows:

1. Seismic technology applied to prevent loosening of screws from earthquakes and various vibrations at industrial sites

2. Safety was confirmed even at an intensity of 10 or higher in the earthquake resistance test at the International Standards Test Center of the Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center. 

3. It does not confuse workers by applying existing product construction methods as they are

4. Convenience of construction has been improved by reducing the number of parts and the procedure for fastening parts. 

At the exbibistion, it appealed greatly to industry officials who are looking for a system ceiling frame based on safety and multifunction.


Authentic technology differentiated from existing hangers!

Various types of mechanical equipment are built into the ceiling of modern buildings. The demand for safety from vibration, earthquake, and typhoon, as well as the efficiency of installation, maintenance, and management of mechanical equipment in the ceiling, is increasing, but the current lightweight steel frame system has several problems and the risk of safety accidents. Gonggantech introduced a lightweight steel frame system that enables the construction of various designs on the ceiling, and the fusion and complex fixation of various mechanical facilities, and it also secures functionality, efficiency, safety, earthquake resistance, and wind pressure resistance. 

The core of this system is the YES hanger. The company’s lightweight steel frame for earthquake-resistant ceilings consists of anchors and bolts for fixing to the ceiling, YES hangers that combine ceiling aids with electric bolts, and structural bars and finishing bars for installing YES hanger finishing materials. A brief summary of the features of the YES hanger is as follows: First, existing hangers had problems such as sagging of the ceiling due to loosening of nuts due to external shock or vibration, but the YES hanger solves both the nut loosening problem and the ceiling sagging problem at the same time by closely connecting with the ‘tightening type’. Second, existing hangers are easily opened by workers or heavy loads, making it difficult to manage mechanical equipment in the ceiling. However, YES hanger maintains structural balance through ‘closed’ fastening and solves the problem of opening and leaving due to the load.  Third, it was difficult to fasten the existing hanger by using a fixed pin separately. However, with the YES hanger, a strong close connection is possible only by fastening the fixed hanger. Fourth, while applying the existing hanger process, the construction was simplified to maximize constructability and stability. Fifth, the YES hanger uses a square bar with a stable golden ratio to secure a small structure and robustness, and is configured to utilize additional functional parts such as cross sockets, hanging sockets, and wind pressure resistant sockets.


Focusing on rapid market penetration

Gonggantech CEO Jeong Min-si says, “The distinction of the ceiling lightweight steel frame system is that it can be combined for a closed type rather than an open type as all companies now require earthquake resistance in the products. The core of our technology is that workers can conveniently cope with the problems with reinforcement sockets and wind pressure-resistant sockets when they enter the ceiling and during the work.” At a start-up academy located in Hongcheon, this earthquake-resistant ceiling light steel frame system has been installed to the ceiling of about 495 square meters. This system is useful for hospitals, government offices, cinemas with complex mechanical facilities, and subways where vibrations occur. Jeong says, “I am satisfied because I was able to meet and explain our technology to many visitors at the 2023 Korea Build Week. We plan to actively participate in technology fairs to be held in the future. Gonggantech is focusing on rapid market propagation as the next step after completing the development of core parts. Currently, we are receiving a lot of inquiries. We will create a cooperative system that makes us grow with partners.” 

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