The total learning platform that improves quality of life: Estate

Leading job training in the field of guard and security Estate wins National Assembly Education Committee prize at 2023 Korea Education Industrial Awards 강영훈l승인2023.02.15l수정2023.02.15 10:23






▲ Estate / CEO Song Sae-hwan

Due to the increase in average life expectancy of mankind and rapid social change, the need for lifelong education continues to be high. People have been able to live longer, but they need to find a new job to live a stable old age even after retirement. They are also required new knowledge and the practice of new skills to meet the demand of ever changing society. 

Korea is entering a super-aging society. Therefore, lifelong long education has become a necessity, not an option anymore. The Ministry of Education is also supporting the establishment of city-province lifelong learning networks, creating lifelong learning cities, and operating the Happy Learning Center. Accordingly, many educational institutions and companies are providing related education services in link. Among them, Estate is attracting attention with excellent educational contents and consulting. It is emerging as a role model in the industry by leading various contents and security education tailored to practice. 


The total learning platform that improves quality of life: Estate

Estate Lifelong Learning Center

Estate is a comprehensive consulting education company that provides job training, legal training, and security consulting. 

CEO Song Sae-hwan worked for more than 10 years at a job training institute that trained security guards and general office workers. He thought that in order to provide more professional education and quality contents, we should keep pace with emerging online education. As a result, he founded Estate in 2017. 


Learning anytime, anywhere

Learning on web or app

Estate provides a learning environment where anyone can easily learn anytime, anywhere, on any smart device. Since the company is a web-based learning, there is no need to install a separate app, and it provides a convenient UI/UX so that you can easily take the desired learning with a single click. Anyone from the generation familiar with online learning to the elderly learners who are not familiar with it can conveniently use e-learning through this LMS Learning System. In addition to online education, Estate is also conducting offline education from 2021. 

CEO Song said, “About 20 instructors belong to offline educational institutions. In addition, we are inviting professors from the Department of Police Administration or Security Department to create courses for new specialized fields.” 

The Ministry of Employment and Labor held the 2022 Employer Vocational Competency Development Training Best Practice Contest. At this contest, the Estate Lifelong Learning Center won the excellence prize of the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. 


Online courses for digital convergence training, and guard and security

Estate Guard & Security Training Center

Estate runs various courses including digital convergence training, guard and security. Since the guard business was created to perform on behalf of the police, it requires permission from the National Police Agency. 

Organizations operating the security business are obliged to provide monthly job training for security guards under the management and supervision of the National Police Agency, and the management is carried out through security instructors who hold national licenses. The Estate Guard & Security Training Center is also a private security training institution designated by the National Police Agency, and operates a new general guard training course that must be taken by those who wish to work in the security industries. The center conducts mandatory training courses in accordance with the Security Industry Act, operates job training, and trains security workers every year. 

The strength of the center is that it develops a new curriculum every year and provides educational services through online. The center provides 100% online education by recruiting new education experts approved by the National Police Agency, and operates security services, consulting, and employment centers by operating a team of security instructors. Thanks to this, there is a high demand for facility security, escort security, machine security, and job-tailored requests. 


Selected as an excellent training institution certified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for 5 years 

Winning National Assembly Education Committee prize at 2023 Korea Education Industrial Awards

Regarding future plans, CEO Song said, “Currently, I think it has established itself as an institution specializing in job training for security guards. We want to change the basics of online education so that you can always freely choose the education you want while strengthening the brand value so that you will not be pushed back even if there are many late-comers.” Estate is currently preparing for accreditation of about 3,000 educational courses. It has signed an agreement with Gangseo-gu Office to promote the middle-aged employment linking process for senior education, and is also conducting training courses with the Ministry of Employment and Labor. Thanks to these excellent courses and achievements, Estate was selected as an excellent training institution certified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for 5 years at the 2023 Vocational Competency Development Training Institution Certification Evaluation. It evaluates the soundness, training performance, and infrastructure of training institutions, and the grades, such as 5 years, 3 years, and 1 year, are given depending on the score. An official of Estate said, “In this 2022 certification evaluation, all major evaluation items were evaluated excellently, and oouir soundness and competence of the training was well recognized. As a result, we have been able to carry out the Ministry of Employment and Labor job training project as an excellent institution for the next five years.” 

In addition to this, Estate also won the National Assembly Education Committee prize at the 2023 Korea Education Industrial Awards. CEO Song said, “I am pleased that each institution has been recognized for its high quality of education and institutional excellence. We will continue to provide quality education and services for a better life. In particular, we will grow into a comprehensive consulting company with specialized job training.”

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