Samsung Electronics Hosts ‘Tech Forum 2022’ to secure excellent U.S. manpower

Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong meets with the President of Panama to request support for the Busan Expo 백지원 기자l승인2022.10.14l수정2022.10.14 10:32







Samsung Electronics Hosts ‘Tech Forum 2022’ to secure excellent U.S. manpower

Samsung Electronics held the ‘Tech Forum 2022: Discover eXperience’ in San Francisco and Boston, USA on September 22 and 24 to secure outstanding talent in the next-generation IT technology field. 

The Tech Forum is an annual event that Samsung Electronics' DX (Device eXperience) division has been operating since 2017 to communicate with excellent local development talents in the United States, and 2020 and 2021 have been temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. 

This year's Tech Forum, which resumed after three years, was attended by over 200 PhDs from major North American universities such as MIT, Stanford, California Institute of Technology, and UC Berkeley for two days.

Attended by Samsung were talents in various research fields such as artificial intelligence, robots, big data, and display led by executives and key executives such as Samsung Research Center President Seung Hyun-joon, Samsung Research America Research Center Vice President Roh Won-il, Human Resources Team Leader Na Gi-hong. 

Samsung Electronics President Seung Hyeon-jun said, “Many people around the world are using Samsung Electronics’ devices, and their products are embedded in their lives. We need to join the global discourse about writing for better value and putting it to the right place.” 

He added ""Working at Samsung Electronics means leading people's better lives through technology and becoming a leader in thought and culture. Please join us on the journey to create the future." 

In the Tech Session, presentations, Q&A, and in-depth discussions were held by Samsung Electronics executives in four fields: AI, robot, big data, and display. At the Career Vision session, Vice President Na Gi-hong, who oversees the HR team of Samsung Electronics' DX division, presented ﹦Various experiences for growth ﹦Organizational culture and welfare for immersion in R&D. 

One attendee said, "Through today's event, I was able to increase my understanding of Samsung Electronics' R&D strategy and direction, as well as the organizational culture and personnel system that support it."


Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong meets with the President of Panama to request support for the Busan Expo

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong met Panama President Laurentino Cortizo at the Presidential Palace in Panama City last September and asked for support for hosting the 2030 World Expo in Busan. 

Vice Chairman Lee visited Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and requested support for the Busan World Expo, and continued support activities in Panama as well.

Vice Chairman Lee and President Cortiso also discussed ways to expand cooperation between Samsung and Panama companies in the future. Lee held a meeting with the head of the Central and South American corporation at the Panama subsidiary, Samsung Electronics' first overseas branch, and also checked the business status and strategy in Latin America.

He also sent a small holiday gift to the families of long-term business trip employees, who were dispatched to global business sites and silently performing their roles without returning home even during the Chuseok holidays, to show his encouragement. 

He sent a 'gulbi set' as a gift to the domestic family of about 20 employees who were on business trips abroad for a long time, thanking the employees for their dedication and consideration of their families, and comforting the regret that the whole family could not be together during the Chuseok holiday.

He also presented Samsung Electronics' latest mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, to a total of 86 Samsung employees, including 10 multi-child families with 6 or more children.

He sent gifts to encourage employees and their families to overcome the difficulties of balancing work and childcare and dedicate themselves to the company, home, and society. 

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