Cheonbo Fulvic Acid Co.,Ltd, Beta-glucan “Technical Special Listing is nearing” A bio company that realizes the dream of mankind for living one hundred years “Eating and drinking promises you a hun

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A gift from the forest 100 million years ago, a treasure from heaven, is Fulvic Acid, extracted using HUMIC shale. Humic shale is an ancient vegetative deposit located in Emery, State of Utah, USA. This was a sedimentary layer of fertile plants containing many nutrients from 127 to 70 million years ago. It is a stratum that mysteriously remains organic, not petroleum or coal.

Humic shale is a plant-based natural colloidal mineral rich in fulvic acid with high scarcity value and is a valuable resource that can only be obtained in trace amounts from nature. Fulvic acid plays an important role in transporting minerals to each cell, allowing natural minerals to exchange ion. It is possible to separate and inhibit the molecular structure of active oxygen, which is currently considered the main cause of aging, through ion exchange. Research has been conducted to detoxify the harmful minerals accumulated in the body or to absorb them like a magnet and discharge them out of the body.


The predecessor of Cheonbo Fulvic Acid is 

A nickel mine operated by Chairman Go Pil-gon’s father in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do before 37 years

37 years ago, Chiarman Go Pil-gon’s father produced nickel in Yeongwol- gun, Gangwon-do. He inherited his father’s business and founded Korea FB Energy Group 26 years ago. The Cheonbo Fulvic Acid products came out in December 2021, and it is exclusively collected and processed in Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do. Korea FB Energy Group has established the foundation of the global bio industry with Chungju Nephrite Mining Co., Ltd., Cheonbo Fulvic Acid Co., Ltd., Green Biome Co., Ltd., EM Bio Co., Ltd., and Korea Golden Fulvic Acid Co., Ltd. Immortality is the aspiration of all human beings. Everyone wants to be healthy and live a long life, but one of the things that doesn’t go your way is health. Cheonbo(蘢傸) means precious treasure from heaven. It is a gift from heaven for realizing a disease-free human society. After the discovery of fulvic acid in 2010, Cheonbo Fulvic Acid invested in R&D. In 2021, Seoul National University’s Green Bio Science and Technology Institute (GBST) has expanded the foundation for research through collaboration with Hanju Bio, an industry-university cooperative R&D resident company. 

Chairman Go said “Amidst the flood of health food, Cheonbo Fulvic Acid is looking for the answer to ‘one hundred years health’ in ‘nature’s healthy raw materials’ from the mines. Along with fulvic acid, which has emerged as a new natural healing agent in the 21st century, attention was paid to beta-glucan, which has been proven to have excellent effects in treating various incurable diseases including cancer. We have come to the conclusion that there is an important clue in the optimized material from nature.” 

Today, the development of medicine and science has ushered in the ‘one hundred years of life’. Academia, medical circles, and companies around the world are advancing the era of the century through research on aging and various studies for life extension. 

Cheonbo Fulvic Acid Technology Research Center is focusing on research to secure original technology for agricultural, livestock and marine products and various foods for the future food and bio industry. In order to realize the dreams and wishes of mankind for longevity, the company has been running for 22 years, following only one path, showing the potential of Korea FB Energy Group, despite adverse conditions. 

Cheonbo Fulvic Acid has grown into a global company with the representative K-brand ondol, hanbok, soybean paste, red pepper paste, and kimchi culture, and participated in leading the Korean wave by bolstering the Korean wave. 

The US FDA approved high-concentration fulvic acid as a health functional food in 2003. Currently, the supply of more than 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, and Central Asia, is absolutely insufficient. Cheonbo Fulvic Acid is advancing as a company that can absolutely help the health of people around the world with the mass quantity of fulvic acid from the mines recognized as the world’s best quality. 

Chairman Go dreams of a ‘happy world together’ for a long time. Through the years of trial and error and trouble, he made his dream a reality. He received the Minister of Unification Prize at the Asia Pacific Environment NGO Awards Ceremony in September 2020, saying that regardless of the political situation in inter-Korean relations, he would support eco-friendly fulvic acid to North Korea through the Ministry of Unification or NGO as an humanitarian aid. 

Cheonbo Fulvic Acid is led by Chairman Go Pil-gon, CEO Go Seong-bo and Gil Cheol-ho and Vice CEO Jeon Soon-hwa. On July 15th, they held a grand opening ceremony at The-K Hotel with over 1,600 attendees. That was the first step towards the world. As a respected bio company responsible for human health in the global era, Cheonbo Fulvic Acid plans to pour its faith and passion into becoming an innovative bio company that creates myths beyond miracles. 

▲ Cheonbo Fulvic Acid Co., LTD / Chairman Go Pil-gon

CEO Go Seong-bo found corporate hope in Hongik Spirit

He practices Trust, Right Path, Win-Win, and Sharing!

What is life. When CEO Ko Seong-bo was 5 years old, he saw the colorfully decorated bier and fell into anguish of life and death for the whole month. Why was I born in this world, and what should I live for? He hadn’t slept for 7 days and fasted for 20 days to get an answer. Every time he thought about the reason for his existence, he had to wrestle with the conclusion of ‘I don’t know’, which was not resolved until he graduated from college. After working as a civil servant, he still could not find an answer, so he quit at the age of 45 and mentally trained to reach the ultimate conclusion. Kukhakwon aims to promote the value of peaceful coexistence by promoting the power of Korean culture to the world, by reviving the spiritual culture in our history and culture and K-spirit, and by moving towards an integrated society and a co-prosperous world. He practiced mental training and meditation as an instructor for many years at Kukhakwon. He is practicing the precious value that gave a turning point in his life at the time at Cheonbo Fulvic Acid. 

CEO Go has been practicing the value of ‘Hongik Human Ewha World’, which benefits all things and lives by reason and rationality. How wonderful it would be if we could harmonize with each other, benefit widely the tangible and intangible things that exist in heaven and earth, and open up a new world with insight! 

When the world is full of people who benefit widely, greed, power, and selfishness disappear, and problems facing mankind such as war, disease, poverty, and natural disasters can be solved. When the famous American novelist Pearl Sydenstricker Buck visited Korea, he was deeply moved to see an old man crouching with his back and an old cow carrying a small load in a cart at sunset. In the West, sharing pain with cattle is an unimaginable concept.

For generations, the Korean people have lived a life of sharing while caring for everything in heaven and earth. Koreans were worried that the life of the land would die even after washing, so they threw it away after the water had cooled down. When they harvested the fruits, they did not pick them all at once for fear that the trees would be upset, and they also left rice for the magpies. When a dog gave birth to pups, they sold by leaving one or two pups on caring for the mother’s feelings. Koreans practiced the Hongik spirit that way. 

What is the difference between a big person and a great person? Is a person who has attained great wealth by seizing power without arbitrariness while in politics? How many people have you influenced for good? How many people you comforted, how many people you loved? It depends on how many people you have benefited, and the ‘big person, the great person’ is determined accordingly.

A person can be seen through physiognomy, and when the spirit is revived, the physiognomy changes brightly. Our faces contain the spirit of the Korean people, and tens of thousands of information(spirit) come and go through sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. So, even if it is called a face and decorated with plastic surgery, it is impossible to hide the root.

People who live a true life by cultivating their body and mind have their faces shining. Our face has information of the Korean people and a plus alpha, and that alpha is filled and completed by ourselves. Cheonbo Fulvic Acid practices Trust, Right Path, Win-Win, and Sharing. 

If there is a lot of attachment, it becomes heavy and goes to a lower dimension. That is but hell. Conversely, when it is bright and light, it goes to heaven. Most of the reasons why ‘Gangnam Marketing’ collapses in an instant is due to the lack of trust between the company and the business operator. Cheonbo Fulvic Acid established a non-profit corporation to prevent such evils with the Jeong-Do business and to become a ‘company with a living spirit’. The company plans to benefit the world by spreading the spirit of the Korean people.

▲ Cheonbo Fulvic Acid Co., LTD /CEO Go Seong-bo

Fulvic acid, discovered through 30 years of research by Dr. Libby, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Excellent effect on immunity recovery and detoxification, “Only in Cheonbo Fulvic Acid”

Fulvic Acid is a new substance in natural treatment in the 21st century that heals the growth of all living things, including humans, animals, and plants. Fulvic acid is a catalytic conversion water discovered by Dr. Willard F. Libby, a famous American geologist and chemist, who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1960 for 30 years of research. Fulvic acid is a natural organic substance formed tens of millions of years ago when sediments of animals and plants buried in the ground were repeatedly corroded, decomposed, and synthesized by microorganisms in the ground.

By increasing the immunity of living things, it treats various diseases, detoxifies and ejects toxic substances, and helps various physiological processes within the organism. All animals and plants on the planet sustain life with fulvic acid made by microorganisms. It is extracted with lignite catalytic conversion water in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia, China, and Germany to save human life, and is distributed as imported and natural fulvic acid in Korea. 

Fulvic acid is produced in 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, and Russia, and is produced in small amounts in sedimentary soils and swamps. Although the grades vary, it was found that Nepal and Korea had the best quality. Cheonbo Fulvic Acid, which has been recognized for the world’s best quality, has its own Fulvic Acid mine. Currently, it is gaining infinite trust along with competitiveness to such an extent that it has pursued exclusive production in the global market, including the company that has entrusted the FDA approval of Cheonbo Fulvic Acid. 

Seoul National University’s Pyeongchang Campus GBST Research Center, R&D Research Center, Cosmetics and Food Research Center, and Chungju Biotechnology Research Center are focusing on basic research and product development of fulvic acid. Currently, fulvic acid is already being used as a health supplement in developed countries. Fulvic acid contains about 70 amino acids and 50 kinds of various minerals. It is widely used in beverages, hair growth shampoo, atopic and psoriasis prevention soap, cosmetic additive, crop growth promotion and fish farming material.


Cheonbo Fulvic Acid, a bio company focused on immunity and detoxification

Owning the fulvic acid mine recognized as the world’s best quality, and establishing a global distribution line based on raw material production

As a result of analyzing Korean golden fulvic acid in Germany and Japan, it was confirmed that about 70 minerals such as germanium, selenium, and molybdenum were contained in an ionic state. In particular, the University of Bremen, Germany, which is in charge of the analysis of cheonboflvic acid, has seen that the germanium content reaches 0.3mg/liter, which is the highest in the world, and is sending full trust and support to the extent of sending patients for treatment purposes. 

In order to prove the efficacy of golden fulvic acid, it was confirmed that the yield increased 5 to 10 times after diluting and spraying fulvic acid on the soil and seedlings for 2 months. It was also confirmed in the test results of the Korea Food Research Institute. According to the research results of 7 specialized institutions including Seoul National University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, it was found that golden fulvic acid contains 72 kinds of natural organic minerals and conductor components, as well as selenium and a large amount of germanium. 

With the secured technology and leadership, we have laid the foundation for the global distribution line along with raw material production. 

Cheonbo Fulvic Acid, which is about to dominate the global market beyond Korea, has established a global integrated medical center such as new drug development, DNA atopy, expansion of COSMETIC business, and collaboration between Western and Oriental medicine, convergence and new technology development business, and incurable patients and prevention. 

Every time we breathe and speak, bioelectricity is activated in every activity of the human body. Golden fulvic acid is an ionized mineral element aggregate, and when consumed, immunity recovery and natural healing power are strengthened. Minerals are vitally active substances and important electrolytes that cause bioelectric conduction. Without minerals, toxins cannot be removed, so they are essential for the human body. Cheonbo Fulvic Acid is striving to protect and recover health by continuing research on minerals and conductors. 

5 types of complex mycelium beta-glucan found in mushrooms

Recognized worldwide for improving autoimmune cell damage

The mushrooms we eat are the fruiting body, and the mycelium, which corresponds to the root of the mushroom, provides nutrients to the fruiting body as a treasure trove of nutrients. 51% of beta-glucan is produced when 5 types of complex mycelium, such as Cordyceps, Sanghwang mushroom, Chaga mushroom, Reishi mushroom, and Oyster mushroom, that exist in nature, are simultaneously cultured. In addition, when each cultured mycelium is mixed with the product, the ingredients are fundamentally different. 

5 types of complex mycelium cultured with cutting-edge technology, when multiple mycelium is cultured simultaneously, mycelium with different properties exchanges with each other by maximizing the fusion of heterogeneous tubes. In addition, the existing active substances are more activated during the proliferation process, resulting in acetylated alpha-glucan as a new substance not found in mushrooms. 

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) attack cells and DNA, causing aging, disease, and cancer. It is a serious toxic substance that is involved in 90% of diseases. So, when cells and DNA of our body are attacked by reactive oxygen species, even the genetic structure is modified.

There are various diseases caused by free radicals. Depending on the location, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and esophageal cancer can occur. 

If the blood vessels are attacked, cerebral infarction and arteriosclerosis may occur, and if the pancreas is attacked, diabetes may occur. 5 types of complex mycelium beta-glucan, a complex culture of 5 types of best mushrooms, has a high-density, high-content 乒-glucan content of 51.4 g/100 g, and is a new substance that strengthens the activity of reactive oxygen species (SOD).


Beta-glucan “Technical Special Listing is nearing”

Fulvic Acid is about to be listed via technical special listing policy, after reaching beta-glucan level of 62.8% from 51%. Criteria of special technology listing for biotech companies became stricter with newly added pharmacy and clinical professionals conducting additional technical evaluations from August, 2022. If they are listed, stock prices are forecasted to be at minimum of KRW 100,000. 

Beta-glucan, discovered in 2017, is the world’s first product that revolutionized biotechnology. As a result of the study, it has been shown to have anti-cancer effects or to help prolong life. Beta-glucan is a sugar found in cells of bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, moss, oats, and barley. It strengthens the immune system of people whose body defenses have been compromised by physical and emotional stress, including high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

By using beta-glucan, Cheonbo Fulvic Acid will focus its efforts on developing new drugs such as immune disease treatment, intestinal leakage prevention, anticancer supplement, development of individually recognized functional materials, and treatment for avian influenza (AI) prevention. It is also spurring the development of various household items that are beneficial to health, such as bottled water, cosmetics, beverages, salt, and seasonings.


Hanyang University Hospital, beta-glucan intake experiment for adults for 8 weeks

Activation of NK cells that inhibit cancer cells by 3 times, proven immunity boost

The efficacy of beta-glucan, which has been shown to be effective in improving and preventing immune diseases such as anticancer activity, anti-inflammatory activity, viral rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, asthma, herpes zoster, and type 1 diabetes, has been recognized worldwide. It promotes proliferation of immune cells such as macrophages, enhances tumor attack power, and improves NK cell function by 300-800%.

Of the estimated 70-100 trillion cells in our body, 5,000 cancer cells that are mutated every day are killed by the autoimmune system, but otherwise, the probability of getting cancer increases. As a result of an experiment conducted by Hanyang University Hospital to ingest beta-glucan in adults for 8 weeks, it was found that NK cells, which suppress cancer cells, were activated three times to increase immunity.

Cheonbo Fulvic Acid is currently pursuing quality certifications such as FDA, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, DFDA, and HALAL. The company is concentrating on creating a better future with the motto of ‘Let’s be together and always grateful’ along with job creation in various fields such as agriculture, biotechnology, fishery, forestry, and livestock.

Mushroom mycelium with strong active substances enhances immune function and contains a large amount of 乒-glucan, which has excellent anticancer effect. In particular, it is distinct from other mycelium. It has no toxic substances and contains 4 times more various nutrients than the fruiting body. It can be said to be a treasure trove of nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, and various enzymes. Because it also contains 50 to 60 times more medicinal ingredients, the mystery of mushrooms is hidden in the mycelium. (Source_Jung Kyung-soo, Professor, College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University, 1998)

Beta-glucan is a product whose efficacy has been proven to the extent that its content has been recognized in Japan and by the Korea Functional Food Research Institute where regulations are strict. The whole amount of oyster mushroom, in which beta-glucan was discovered, is exported to Japan from the Chungju Cultivation complex. The company plans to move beta-glucan, currently produced by Green Biome Co., Ltd., located in Gimpo, to Chungju, where the mushroom infrastructure and biotechnology research center are located.

In the meantime, it participated in a public auction for a resort that Chungju had secured and won the bid among five companies, securing the best place, contributing much to the development of the company. Under the active support of Chungju City and Chungcheongbuk-do, the company is doing its best to become a world-class company while enhancing the self-esteem of Chungcheongbuk-do residents and Chungju citizens and contributing to economic development.

Products using the company’s fulvic acid and beta-glucan are the result of the accumulated technology. Fulvic Shampoo, which improves cell regeneration and scalp, enriches hair, and helps with hair loss, Fulvic Acid Soap, which is excellent for improving atopy, Green Beta 51, which is good for strengthening immunity, and Miracle (Fulvic Acid Gold) have been recognized for their functionality and stability.


Diabetic patient who has suffered for 20 years

Symptoms improved after taking one tablespoon of Green Beta 51 and one sip of Miracle (Fulvic Acid Gold) 3 times a day for a week

Ⅱ Lee Yoo-shin (82), who suffered from chronic diabetes for 20 years, always had itchy skin on one side of his calf, and when scratched, the epidermis of the skin was peeled off. The insides were exposed, and the severe inflammation made it impossible to put on and take off the pants. Lee barely went to the bathroom, dragging it with my butt. As the symptoms got worse, she remembered Fulvic Mineral, which she found out through an acquaintance in December 2021, and said, “I’m going to try taking it like a fool,” and she took a spoonful of Green Beta 51 and a sip of Miracle (Fulvic Acid Gold) 3 times a day.

Lee said “After a day, the inflammation on the peeled skin subsided little by little. I tried several prescription drugs from dermatologists, but there was no improvement, but seeing the excited epidermis calmly subside, it was like a new world.” Lee said that she saw a little hope that she would now live properly. 

On the 2nd day, the redness of the epidermis subsided, and on the 3rd day, the oozing stopped. On the 4th day, as new skin started to rise, it improved enough to go to the bathroom without help. After a week had passed, Lee had recovered enough to be able to go around without help. Not only the skin has improved, but the immune system has also improved. It was really amazing to see new hair that had been falling out all over again. Lee admired the efficacy of fulvic acid, and wanted to become a fulvic acid evangelist by becoming a fan of fulvic acid products. 

In May 2003, the Korean Association of Internal Medicine changed adult diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke to ‘lifestyle-related diseases’. It was found that about 70% of health problems can be prevented by changing one’s habits among the three elements of health, genetics, environment, and habits.

Ⅱ Bong-soon Lee (71) said, “After I got into traffic accidents three times while riding a bicycle, the pain did not subside. I couldn’t move my body to the left, the gait was strange, and the hands were not moving well, so I couldn’t write properly. Then, after taking fulvic acid, my condition improved within a week, and I could write with ease. Even the unnaturally walking appearance returned like normal.

With the tenacity of Chairman Go Pil-gon, who worked on only one road despite going through numerous ups and downs for 7 years before the present result is reached, a project that enables mankind to live a happier and healthier life while improving public health is being completed. Go said “If you lose fame and money, there is a possibility that time will recover, but if you lose health, everything is over. We will make ceaseless efforts to improve the health of the people and realize the dream of a disease-free human being in the age of homo-hundred.” 

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