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Ciellight is famous for development of LED chips to be installed in LED beauty devices from which the company has made a strong presence in the field for high technique and performance. The company introduced two white chips WHITE-6500K and WHITE-3000K to the existing RGB LED in the summer last year followed by another white chip 5050 4CHIP May this year as well as 5050 5CHIP that can realize 5 kinds of wavelengths. The excellence of 4CHIP and 5CHIP is that wavelengths needed for LED devices can be realized with just one CHIP making it 4 to 5 times better space usage.

Ciellight has been covering the product lines from LAMP LED to SMD LED and the development of 5CHIP is expected to widen its usage especially to medical equipment. One of the biggest advantages of 5050 5CHIP is that users can customize wavelengths according to its own purpose. Taking these innovative developments as a momentum, Ciellight is ambitious to lead the LED devices in the field of beauty, hair loss and medical. CEO Junghoon Hwang says: “Thanks to the easy customization of 4CHIP and 5CHIP, we are expecting them to be used in various fields. Alongside wavelength customization and the 5 colors including red, blue and UV, the price can also be rationally adjusted according to its needs and wants.”

▲ Ciellight / CEO Junghoon Hwang

The expanded 5 colors of 5CHIP in fact not only are helpful for beauty devices but also for plant growing.

“Sun plants, for example, can grow faster and more fruitful through effective management of LED light, water and nutrients. Blue LED (450NM) helps leaves grow wider and bigger through photosynthesis, red LED (660NM) helps germination, leaf distribution and bud forming through chlorophyll effect. The Ciellight LED designed for planting growing especially has 5 times more area efficiency which can accelerate photosynthesis and growers can save unit price as a result.”

An American skin association released an interesting research result: certain LED wavelengths have chromosome stimulation effect; mitochondria is like an energy factory in the cell and stimulating mitochondria can regenerate old cells.

According to Hwang, LED can ease troubled skin and improve it. Red LED, for example, permeates the skin deeper to help skin regeneration and to improve wrinkles and elasticity. Blue LED, for another example, eases sensitive or troubled skin and improve pimples. Also, IR LED illuminates the skin down to 4mm and it can improve pigmentation and help regeneration.

“It is very important not to believe the commercials of LED beauty devices as they are not cure-for-all. In fact, just little less or more permeation can break the balance and effects cannot be felt at all. So you need to check the product made by a company with patented technology for effective wavelengths, precise light intensity and right amount of Illumination.” Thanks to the precision of the Ciellight LED technique, the home esthetic brand Ludea uses Cielight LED as the wavelength error is only 1mm. In other words, the error rate is almost zero.

CEO Hwang is received as a veteran LED specialist whose experience and contribution in the field has been well recognized by industry circles for more than 20 years.

Here are some tips of him when choosing a LED device for beauty: First, check the materials of lead frame and make sure it is not made with metal. Second, check the wavelength error rate and make sure it is around +5nm, -5nm (Ciellight is 1nm). Lastly, check whether static circuit is installed and whether it can endure more than 500V or 600V.

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