Spreading autotherapy methods to the people in the world

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▲ CEO Kilpyo Jang

One of the hot SNS hashtags is #healing. And people seem to use it as healing for both body and mind. To be more scholarly, it is a state that body and mind are ‘pure’. Kilpyo Jang, CEO of Mommam Salriki (Body and Mind Healing), has actively engaged in the National Taekwondo Demo Tream home and abroad as the manager, a coach and a member with a goal to spread the importance of sound body and mind to the people in the world. He also is known as a man of good heart shown through various volunteer activities. <Power Korea> met him. 

Martial artist and natural autotherapist
Jang was born in Gwangyang City in South Jeolla Province. He was enchanted by his Taekwondo blackbelt holder teacher and decided to learn the martial art when in high school. When he gained the black belt at the third year of his high school, he decided to be a member of the National Taekwondo Team. He then joined the Korea National Taekwondo Demo Team and actively engaged in various competitions including the Olympics and the World Taekwondo Championships for the next 7 years and 25 more years in the field thereafter. 

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. Having mastered Taekwondo, he moved autotherapy methods such as chuna manual therapy and chiropractic and has made his presence in that field also. 

“Autotherapy is about a realization that our body has this self-healing mechanism. In other words, it is a theory that it can solve something which our medical science, whether western or oriental, cannot heal” explains Jang.

Deepening knowledge of healing
Autotherapy released stiffened parts of our body or blood vessels to function and circulate smoothly. Massage, for example, releases tension or correct our body. Jang himself broke his elbow when he was a child; it swelled as big as his thigh and he could not fold his arm. None could unfold the arm but his uncle gave some needles and it was unfolded miraculously. The treatment wowed Jang and he has carried his dream of becoming a master of medical practice ever since. 

He studied hard and learned hard. When he thought he was ready, he passed down his knowledge and experience to people for free between 2000 and 2018. As his healing skill deepened, he also studied skin care and obtained a certificate. Today, the boundary of his healing embraces massage, chiropractic, spine correction and taping. These of his knowledge and experience made him a professor of exercise physiology. 

Establishment of Mommam Salriki
Jang established Mommam Salriki (Body and Mind Healing) by gathering the elements of medicine, martial arts and philosophies. Many who needed improvement of their health flooded into Mommam Salriki and made Jang busy day and night. Though he was tired, he provided his healing and soon gained a nickname: ‘health certified check’. In recognition of his services and achievements, he was listed in the 2018 Korea Sinzisikin (New Intellectual Koreans) alongside 30 renowned people of the society. 

It is noteworthy that he developed 76 new techniques of Taekwondo and currently is working on spreading these new techniques through his Youtube channel ‘Master Jang’. He also has written <Taekwondo Therapy> and <Easy Facts about Our Body>. 


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