Paraguay holds 208th Anniversary of the Independence of Paraguay: Four Seasons Hotel Seoul on May 17

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The message of H.E Raul Silvero, Ambassador of Paraguay in Seoul

Distinguished Deputy Minister for Political Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, H.E YOON SOON-GU, Parliamentarians of the National Assembly, Vice President for Africa, Middle East and Latin America of the Korea International Cooperation Agency, H.E Baek Sookhee, Ambassadors, Members of the Diplomatic Corps and Military Attaches, Businessmen, Representatives of civil, cultural and social institutions, Dear Compatriots, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is an honor to be able to share with our distinguished guests this special date in which we commemorate the 208th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Paraguay. 

Today Paraguay is a vibrant democracy and has one of the most prosperous and fastest growing economies in the region. Paraguay gives a relevant role to the rule of law, respect for human rights and a political system based on democracy. The Republic of Korea, for the past 57 years, has been a nation close to the affections of the Paraguayan people and a strategic ally to achieve the desired development. 

Although, both countries are geographically distant and historically different, Paraguay and Korea share various commonalities. Solidarity has been a strong element in our relationship. In 1965, Paraguay opened its doors to thousands of Korean immigrants, who, in search of a new beginning, left from the Port of Busan towards the Land Without Evil. And this year, 54 years since the arrival of the first group of Korean migrants to Paraguay, the Korean community, composed of approximately seven thousand people, is an active part of the Paraguayan society.

President Abdo Benitez has expressed his firm and strong support to President Moon Jae-In in all bilateral and multilateral negotiations currently undertaking by the Republic of Korea, which main objective is the pacification and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The strategic areas for the cooperation of the Republic of Korea up to the year 2020, consist of Health, Water, Transport (road development and aviation) and Urban and Rural Development. I take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Government and people of Korea for your continues cooperation, mainly through KOICA, whose President visited Paraguay in 2018.

Paraguay is one of the most open economies in the world. Legal stability and respect for foreign and national investments is also one of the fundamental axes of our state policy followed by the current Government. In this context, we invite businessmen from Korea and other Asian countries to visit Paraguay and evaluate the many opportunities for investments we have in our country, which has abundant human and natural resources for the development of competitive businesses worldwide. 

In addition to its qualified young people, its fertile land, having a large reserve of fresh water and being a great producer of food and renewable energy, among others, our country has tariff and non-tariff advantages for the access of its products in the countries of the region, Mercosur, and others with whom we maintain commercial agreements. Up to the present, numerous companies and entrepreneurs of the Republic of Korea have installed and are in the process of installing their factories, companies and ventures in various economic sectors of Paraguay, taking advantage of the multiple advantages and guarantees offered.

Also, MERCOSUR (Paraguay is part of this block)  and Korea have started negotiations with the aim of signing a Trade Agreement, to promote a greater relationship in the economy sector, providing more opportunities for businessmen of both Parties. During 2019, the second round of negotiations has been carried out and other negotiation rounds are planned for this year.

Indeed, in addition to the strong political and cooperation relations, the commercial pillar is an important part of our relationship, from which Korean and Paraguayan businessmen are increasingly benefit. In this way, Paraguayan companies offer Korean consumers products from the rich Guaraní land, such as the natural sweetener known as stevia, yerba mate, chia, sesame, meat products, charcoal, soy and derivatives, leather, among other products.

The cultural sector is fundamental for the understanding of different nations and that is why we find ourselves, together with the Korean institutions, working in various projects that will allow us to further strengthen the friendship between our people. Lastly, I would like to extend a fraternal greeting to the dear compatriots, residents in Korea and in the concurrent countries, who contribute to the development of these nations and enrich them with the Guarani culture. Paraguay always waits with open arms for the return of its citizens in order to build together a country with greater well-being and happiness for all of us to live in a blessed land.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere congratulation to all the Mothers, because in Paraguay, coinciding with the national holidays, today we celebrate Mother's Day. Happy Mother´s Day! Finally, I invite all of you, to enjoy part of the Paraguayan gastronomy.  Thank you very much.


Poland holds National Day reception: 
Lotte Hotel Seoul on May 8

The Opening Remarks of H.E Piotr Ostaszewski, Ambassador of Poland in Seoul

H.E. Lee Taeho, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Chang Byoung-wan, President of Korean-Poland Parliamentarians' Friendship Association, Honourable Major General Shin Sang Bum, UNCMAC Senior Member, Honourable Mr. Synn Ilhi, Honorary Consul General of Poland and President of Keimyung University, Your Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. 

A couple of thousands years ago Marcus Tulius Cicero wrote: Convenit dimicare pro legibus, pro libertate, pro patria – (Tusculanae Disputationes, Disputes from Tusculum) which means To defend laws, liberty and fatherland does really befit. After 1945 a Polish poet added - First we fought for the Eagle, then for his crown.

Today Poland is proud to hoist its flag, to have its crowned eagle and to celebrate its presence among all the free nations. How important are these words in the place like Korea whose historical experiences are so similar to Polish ones. Both countries, both nations are the best example that hope and determination might lead to success and prosperity. It is 30th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations between Poland and Korea. 

Official point of view requires to look at it as on the diplomatic act but there is something more behind what should be called: understanding, affection, support, sympathy, cooperation and brotherhood. And when looking through the Polish period of transition from communism to a market economy I must emphasise that the universal demand was to set up relations with Republic of Korea – that meant normalization and sovereignty since there was contrary to our national interest a non-recognition formula with our friend Republic of Korea.

Poland is like Korea – Phoenix who rose from the ashes. On May 3, 1791 Poland enacted the Constitution (second in the world after the American one) which paved the way toward revitalization of the state and the nation. It helped the nation to preserve its own character and spirit through almost 13 decades until it reappeared on the map. It was one of the most vital incentives which helped the nation to survive even after unfortunate Yalta Conference when Poland once again became an dependent country and when the 3 May could not be celebrated. It reappeared again in 1990 becoming the symbol of our independence.

Today Poland celebrates its 20th anniversary of accession to North Atlantic Treaty Organization and 15th anniversary of European Union membership. Its political system is stable and based on strong foundations, its economy is one of the fastest developing in the modern world, its society is open, free and always ready to face new challenges. Together with our allies and friends Poland would like to build a peaceful world where is enough space for everyone who shares the most precious values like human rights, democracy and liberty. Polish presence on the Korean Peninsula within the framework of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Committee is the best example of its contribution for peace building in this part of the world.

Celebration of National Day cannot be limited to one day a year only. It is responsibility we bear every day fulfilling our duties and to serve wholeheartedly our countries since freedom and independence is not granted once and forever. National Day is the day we can make some reflections in our hearts and minds what we have done for our countries and our nations. Here president Kennedy’s words seem to be very precious: Do not ask what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

In the year 2019 standing here in front of all of our friends I am proud to have an opportunity to say – no matter how big is geographical distance between us we fully understand each other, we fully support each other and … we have one big responsibility in front of the future generations namely to save the world because contemporary problems are global ones. Therefore I am taking a liberty to say: in diversity unanimous (a pluribus unum as the maxim says).

At the end let me quote my favourite heavy metal group – Judas Priest and their song United: United, united, united we stand, United we never shall fall, United, united, united we stand, United we stand one and all. Thank you very much!

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