Nature-themed traditional liquor wins 2019 Korea Value Management Awards

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▲ CEO Jeon Sung-su

Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) is one of the Korean liquors that have shared joy and sadness of ordinary Korean folks for hundreds of years. It is not luxury in fame but the nutritional value it has is second to none. The rich lactobacillus and fiber stimulates bowl movement which is good for people with constipation. Also, it is known to strengthen immunity of our body, as long as moderately consumed, and prevents cancer cell to grow. 

Fermenting in clay room with music

Noonbushin Jayeonae (Splendid Nature Love), located in Soyang-myeon, Wanju County, is famous for producing traditional Korean liquor. The company runs a 2,314 square meter big factory alongside a 661 square meter PR office. CEO Jeon Sung-su took over the near bankrupt Korean rice wine Chundoongsori Makgeolli (Thunderstorm Rice Wine) in 2016 and succeeded brining back its former glory through professional management and marketing system. 

The liquor is fermented in clay rooms with music for a long time and the self-developed mixing ratio of ingredients significantly reduced the burping and the hangover including headache. The smell is agreeable, the taste clean and it has good gulping-down feel. Following the success of Chundoongsori, Noonbushin Jayeonae released ‘Sticky Rice Yeast Flower Scent’ and ‘Jeonju Omogdae Makgeolli’ in order to diversify the product line. 

Jeonju Omogdae Makgeolli is credited for the ideal mix of sweet and source tastes with carbonic acid and people who have tried it said that they did not have hangover and headache. Sticky Rice Yeast Flower Scent, on the other hand, is praised highly for smooth and clean taste and unique flavor. 

Winning 2019 Korea Value Management Awards

It is notable that Noonbushin Jayeonae itself produces sticky rice and wheat on a 495,867 square meter land in order to make and supply the very best Korean rice wine at a good price. Furthermore, the 661 square meter PR office will be running various traditional Korean liquor making programs to spread excellence of Korean liquor to visitors home and abroad. 

Meanwhile, CEO Jeon Sung-su has been sponsoring the South Jeolla Province Filial Piety Awards held by the Jeonbuk Yonhap newspaper every year. The awards is one of the biggest events in the province and around 1,500 elderly people in the region are invited every year. 

In recognition of excellent business management and social contribution, Noonbushin Jayeonae received the 2019 Korea Value Management Awards held on March 26 by the Herald Corporation. 

“I will take the prize as to mean for us to keep making contribution to development of local economy and doing our corporate social responsibility” said Jeon. 


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