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▲ Kim Tae-gwan, CEO of Miso Bok Deoji (Smiley Lucky Pig)

A ceremonial table delivered to you
If ancestral rites are for family ancestors, shamanistic rituals started to thank the gods of the house: Sungju God takes care of household affairs, Ji God of safety and peace, Jesuk God of wealth and longevity, and Jowang God of health and prosperity. However, these shamanistic rituals not only cover the gods of the house but also the gods of the village for good harvest. Today, the scope of the ritual has expanded further such as launching a business, starting a construction, and buying a new car all in prayer of safety and prosperity. What makes it inconvenient, however, is that many normal people do not have professional knowledge about the ritual processing. The business idea of Miso Bok Deoji started at this and it provides a set of the ceremonial table and delivery services. 

Hosting the ritual for you
Not only a ceremonial table is delivered to you but also Miso Bok Deoji hosts the services with professionalism. You can choose the kind and the scale of a service and it is arranged according to your need and budget. If you prefer to do the service on your own, Miso Bok Deoji includes the manual and a written prayer in the delivery box. All foods prepared in the box are 100% freshly made on the day of the delivery under the instruction of strict hygienic procedure. The most important food at shamanistic rituals is pig head where people often put paper money on the nostrils, mouth and ears in a wish to bring good luck and to prevent bad luck. And this whole pig head is hard to find in normal butchers but readily prepared and delivered by Miso Bok Deoji. 

Expanding the services nationwide
In order to provide these easy-to-do services nationwide, CEO Kim Taw- gwan of Miso Bok Deoji is currently focusing on expanding directly managed stores and a subsequent training program that covers ritual process and customer services. “I’m not interested in swelling the business fast and then burst it out like bubbles. I want to grow my business in long term perspective with my partners. It is our motto that customer’s success is our success.” Currently, Miso Bok Deoji is headquartered in Busan with a branch in Daejeon and Kim is busy opening one in Seoul soon. 

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