Flat9 Dance & Vocal Academy is here to help you make your dream come true!

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The one and only!

First launched in 2018 in Gangnam, Seoul, Flat9 Dance & Vocal Academy has grown rapidly through its unique training and tailored lessons. It has 7 dance halls, 22 vocal rooms, and 32 of the country’s top instructors, and in the five months from January to May 2024, talent agencies accepted 841 students from Flat9 Dance & Vocal Academy of which 12 artists made their debut. Director Seul Gi Lee, who majored in entertainment planning, says that Flat9 Dance & Vocal Academy’s competitive advantage is its planning power. 

“Often the owner of a kpop academy is a vocal or dance major, but as an entertainment planning major, I have specialized knowledge and experience in building training systems. We use information from the entertainment industry to help our students get where they want to go. Flat9 has the most auditions and the best training system in Korea. We are proving our value by producing the most auditioned students and artists in the country” emphasizes Lee. 

Deputy Art Director June Ho Seong also says “I am in charge of producing and directing videos with the experience and know-how gained from many years of working as an art director in a large company. In the two and a half years from 2022 to the present, I have cast 436 students to agencies through YouTube videos, and 35 have been accepted, which I have to say is a tremendous success!”


Tailored training and best results

With the best instructors, the best space, and years of top-notch experience, Flat9 Dance & Vocal Academy has engaged with top trainers from SM and HYBE. Trainers manage students with organized data and charts to understand their exact needs and then pinpoint areas of weakness to help them improve. 

“When we see students being moved by being accepted to the company of their choice and seeing them stand on stage, we feel tremendous happiness and accomplishment that money can’t buy. In the future, as I have done so far, I would like to not lose my original intention, value each and every student, grow together, and increase professionalism and value through systematic and best infrastructure” says Lee. Flat9 Dance & Vocal Academy has become so popular that students from U.S., China, Canada, Japan, the U.K., France, and other countries, visit the academy every year. As K-POP has become a global culture, Flat 9 Dance & Vocal Academy will be able to contribute to the popularity of K-POP by producing many of global artists.

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