Sunflower wins Wellbeing Brand at 2024 Innovation Winner with its living rice

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Rice has been a staple food for Koreans for thousands of years. The taste of rice, for this reason, is vital. White rice, for example, has tender and smooth taste but loses a lot of nutrients during the milling. Brown rice, for another example, has tough and picky taste and not many people like it. Regardless the kinds, however, all rice lose taste if it gets older from the point of finishing the milling.


Introducing living rice brand: Sunflower Rice

What makes Sunflower Rice different from others is that it starts the milling from the rice field, not from brown rice. This makes it free from oxidation and rancidification but buds are fresh and lively. Sunflower Rice delivers this rice onto our table every day. When rice meets oxygen, it starts oxidation. It starts rancidified after 7 days of the milling and loses moisture and nutrients after 15 days. This is the reason that many instant rice makers use the rice milled on the day. Brown rice is said to be healthier than white rice because it retains more of the rice brans than white rice. The rice brans are rich in fiber and are full of nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. However, when milled with white rice, the rice brans are removed and these nutrients are lost. Sunflower Rice is milled directly from the rice, removing the hard outer layer of the brown rice hull and leaving the inner bran. Rice bran and germ contain dietary fiber, including octacosanol, which helps strengthen immunity and prevent arteriosclerosis. This is especially beneficial because it does not contain hydroxycitric acid, which can cause digestive and gastrointestinal upset, and it has the same smooth and chewy flavor as white rice, but with similar nutrient content to brown rice.


Vaccum packaging to keep the flavor

Sunflower Rice is vacuum-packed in 500g bags to ensure freshness and hygienic delivery. This minimizes the change in flavor that occurs between unpacking and cooking. Because of these advantages, Sunflower Rice is used in many restaurants, including nursing homes and won Wellbeing Brand at the 2024 Innovation Winner. Sunflower Rice CEO Siwon Lee is also a singer-songwriter who debuted with his self-composed song ‘Playboy’ at the MBC Riverside Song Festival in 1991. Nam Jin’s ‘Let Her Life Be the Wind’ and Sunflower Lee Joo-ho’s ‘How Are You Doing?’ were also created through her touch. The new song ‘Seeing Someone’, which CEO Lee released last April, is a semi-dance trot song that stimulates analog sensibilities with booming electronic sounds and addictive hooks. It is a song that expresses the excitement of lovers with a cheerful rhythm. It is being received favorable reviews.

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