Bichaena Academy holds 2nd ISO/IEC 17024 International Certification Training and expands global education business home and abroad

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Bichaena Academy successfully concluded its 2nd ISO/IEC 17024 International Certification Training in Shenyang, China last month. In April of this year, Bichaena Academy conducted the 1st ISO 9606 training in Haihu, China, where trainees completed their certification.


Bichaena Academy at the center of global education

“Shenyang, China, where the second training was held, is the largest city in Manchuria with a population of 9.07 million. It was rewarding to organize and deliver the 2nd ISO/IEC 17024 International Certification Training here. Most importantly, we were able to achieve a wide range of results in an optimal training facility” said an official of Bichaena Academy. Bichaena hosted the 2024 Respect Culture, and hosted the AI Practical Guide, ISO/IEC 17024 International Certification Training with Bichaena Academy and Dr. Sung Wan Lee. “Korea and China have a long history of exchanges. Bichaena Academy is also a very meaningful collaboration, focusing on providing global education at home and abroad. It is especially meaningful to play a leading role in the relationship between China and Korea. For more than 20 years, we have been organizing numerous domestic and international events, scholarship programs, and volunteer activities in the fields of sports and culture. Three years ago, we established SPC Bichaena Academy and completed the construction of the management system, leading it through active education projects in Korea and overseas branches. The idea that we can create good relationships with the world through education and sports is still evident today.  Bichaena Academy will be at the center of this, leading the way in human resource development and educational content dissemination” says Bichaena Academy CEO Sam Yoon. “At this event, I was able to feel that the students felt more satisfied with the sincerity toward themselves. Bichaena Academy will lay the foundation for the success of the global education system and serve as a partner that faithfully realizes our shared values” says Bechaena Academy Director Youngmee Kim. 


Empties, fills, and shares

The Bichaena World Movement Headquarters announced plans to adopt a developed country-style non-profit management system and raise funds to enable a global movement that empties, fills, and shares through the for-profit Bichaena Academy’s sector-specific education projects. Bichaena Academy is an ISO International Qualification Institute, accredited by IQCS as both a training center and an assessor. Focusing on ISO/IEC17024 international personal qualification certification training, Bichaena Academy has attracted the attention of training companies in China and Southeast Asia. In the first half of this year, the organization opened its second secretariat in Busan, where it is focusing on recruiting members and businesses in each field. The second office in Busan, which will be operated under the same system as the Seoul headquarters, is expected to be home to a variety of projects, including the SPC Bichaena Academy’s education program. “We will do our best to foster global talent by providing ISO International Training for ISO International Auditor Training and ISO/IEC17024 International Personal Qualification Certification, as well as ACSA Scholarships to US universities, a youth advancement program” says Bechaena Academy Director Youngmee Kim. 

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