Shon’s work is a hidden pearl of the modern history of Korean calligraphy!

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Calligrapher Haesung Shon aka Ganam presents works using a variety of calligraphy never before seen in the history of Oriental calligraphy. He is scheduled to hold a solo exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center from July 10th to August 1st this year. “I had a solo exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center in 2019, and was subsequently offered an exhibition by the museum in exchange for a donation of my work, but due to the pandemic, I was unable to exhibit. However, this summer, I am very happy to be exhibiting at the Seoul Calligraphy Museum at the Seoul Arts Center” says Shon.


Spreading excellence in Chinese characters and literati painting

He has more than 40 works in Chinese characters in different typefaces alone. “I believe that calligraphy is not something you do only when you have free time, but you need to practice all the time to master different fonts. My calligraphic works are based on my favorite oriental poems, and I use a different typeface for each piece. The masterpiece of Chuseo (225cm x 1,005cm) in the Red Cliffs section, which has not been seen in any exhibition so far, is a work of note in this exhibition. Along with the Heart Sutra folding screen with oracle bone inscriptions and masterpieces by Choi Chi-won and Du Fu, the delicate works of Cheonsu-gyeong and folding screens by literati painters will also be points of appreciation.” He has published numerous works and books related to calligraphy, to the point where he has been receiving favorable reviews such as, ‘If you look at his works, you can discover the hidden pearls of the modern history of Korean calligraphy.’

His works are owned by former President Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and President Xi Jinping. As a representative artist who promotes the excellence of Korean calligraphy, he has a great responsibility. “Considering that K-pop stars are contributing greatly to enhancing national prestige even at a young age, I will also strive to promote to the world the excellence of Chinese characters and literary paintings, which are the essence of oriental culture, with my passion for calligraphy, just as much as K-pop stars do. After this exhibition, I’m planning a touring exhibition in China and Japan. I have been invited to exhibit several times by overseas organizations, including in Shanghai, China, but I regret missing the opportunity due to financial circumstances. I would also like to donate all of the works on display if space is available in Seoul and Jeju, which have many foreign visitors.”

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