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With the digitization of education, the edutech market is growing rapidly. The emergence of AI and chat GPT is changing the educational environment significantly. Students are being managed by AI and ChatGPT AI tutors, and hagwons (for-profit private educational institutions in South Korea) are also utilizing them for operating the business.

Edutech is being utilized to improve learning and increase the operational efficiency of educational institutions. According to The Korea International Trade Association, the domestic edutech market is expected to grow from about KRW 4 trillion in 2020 to about KRW 10 trillion in 2025. In this fast-growing market, AI edutech company GOATHEAVEN (CEO Alex Cha) is gaining attraction with its learning management service &Chewing+* and AI tutor &CARI* that can digitize hagwon operations.


‘Chewing+’ manages student’s learning and provides quality education services

GOATHEAVEN is committed to the digitalization, personalization, and customization of education. Based on the philosophy of “providing services that present the right learning method for students,” the company is creating a new edutech ecosystem by utilizing differentiated ideas and technologies with its partners. 

CEO Alex Cha was a math teacher before joining an edutech startup, and founded GOATHEAVEN in November 2021. The company currently runs Chewing+ and CARI, with CARI set to launch in July. 

The AI learning management service ‘Chewing+’ is not only a basic hagwon management solution, but also a self-study management service where an AI learning assistant analyzes students’ weaknesses and guides them through systematic learning methods. It can realize DT in the education field, accumulate data and generate reports to help students improve their performance and teachers manage students conveniently and efficiently.

Just as Hagwon allows teachers to create curriculum for how to teach students in class, Chewing+ is equipped with a GPT-based AI learning assistant. Students can ask questions, teachers can create their own teaching content and curriculum or help, and there are also payment, school management and operation functions. Chewing+ also sends invoice links to parents via KakaoTalk so that they can pay directly.

“The Chewing+ learning management service is rapidly gaining attraction as it is commercialized and validated in the market. It is being used by many academies and the service continues to scale up.” says CEO Cha.

CARI, an upcoming AI tutoring app, is a math AI tutor that makes students feel like they have a teacher by their side. It analyzes students’ weaknesses as they solve problems and take tests, provides relevant reports, and gives them a learning plan based on this data.

“Hagwon’s competitive advantage these days is not celebrated teachers or killer content, but a learning management system that utilizes online. CARI is different because it doesn’t just recommend questions, it suggests an organized study plan for students.” emphasizes Cha.


Creating a virtuous cycle that brings edutech solutions together on a single track

“What students really want is to analyze their weaknesses and find a study method that suits them, but it’s not easy to do that at hagwon or in school. By gathering edutech solutions for each part of lectures, self-study, learning management, and counseling consulting in one track, we can create a virtuous cycle and create a better learning environment.” says Cha.

GOATHEAVEN has signed MOUs with about 50 companies, including AI math post-learning ‘Hawaii Company’ and AI mental care ‘Intellius’, and is working to create a virtuous cycle structure in the education ecosystem. The company said it aims to help students learn in a way that works for them through education services that utilize AI with the features they want.

“I plan to expand to other subjects besides math. I’m currently working on an admissions consulting business, and I’m also working on a program where students can get admissions consulting conveniently on the platform.” says Cha.

GOATHEAVEN announced on the 23rd that it has been selected for the Little Penguin program run by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. The company will receive financial support of KRW 700 million over three years from the fund.

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