NIGC unveils AI-driven short form ‘Funnut’

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Short form videos seem to be at its zenith. The monthly user of TikTok, for example, has exceeded 1.6 billion while Instagram reels and YouTube shorts are chasing. 

Apart from the short length, it scrolls up and down making it easy to see with a smartphone. From challenges and dance covers to mukbang (eating show) and games, content are many and addictive. Because it is addictive, people began to voice the need for regulation.


Introducing Funnut

Funnut, introduced by NIGC, is a short form focusing on useful knowledge and information. NIGC stands for New Initiative and Global Challenge and founder/CEO Kiwoong Park used to work for Gmarket, eBay and

He released the beta version of Funnut this April and plans to officially launch it no later than this summer. Funnut uses the same UI as TikTok, Reels and Shorts but its patented web search makes it unique in gathering useful knowledge and information to automatically make a short form.

“In other words, there is a part where creators create their own content while another part makes certain web pages into automatic short forms.” explains Park.

Making a short form at Funnut is super easy. You can process words on web pages and catalogues with TTS or you can insert a link of a blog to make an automatic short form.

If you insert a keyword in the quiz upload table of Funnut, it makes a short form automatically for you. In the say way, you can apply to layout of the images you want to use.


The short forms that have useful information

“We are a startup. Like many startups, we value creative thinking and liberal atmosphere at work. We also encourage curiosity and fun to bring good results.” says Park.

Among many experienced team members of NIGC, former Tapas Media CTO Jaeho Lee and former Gmarket service development head Youngsu Seo are notable.

NIGC targets 2 million active monthly users of Funnut within a year of its official launch and opening services in Japan and South East Asia in 2 years. 

“It is true that there are many provocative videos on existing short forms as well as fun and exciting videos. We strive to bring up more informative videos and that is where we are going.” says Park.

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