“Nothing speaks louder than firsthand experience!”

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Actress choreographer Saehee Hwang won the 2024 Proud People & Brand Awards in the culture and art category on April 19. Hwang and her younger sister Jiwoo were the stars of a baby band Coloring Babies 7 Princesses popular on social media. They mother Sookyung Ahn is also a popular senior model. 


Talented sisters

The band attracted a great attention during the 2000s. Hwang was a first grader and leading the dance practice that should be peformed in front of the whole students of the elementary school when an entertainment CEO paid a visit on the day. Watching the dance, the CEO suggested her classroom teacher that she’d better go for an audition. She and her sister Jiwoo took the audition stage and made themselves as members of the Coloring Babies 7 Princesses in 2003 and took charge in dance and rap. They released a number of albums, appeared on TV shows and played honorary ambassadors of the Dairy Promotion Association and the Korea Welfare Foundation. The left the band for studying but were invited to a TV show Sugaman 2 in 2018 and surprised the audience by Hwang rapping and Jiwoo acrobatics. All lights went white and the video on the Youtube had more than 26 million views. Hwang won the grand prize at a storytelling contest in 1999, graduated top of the middle school, entered Kaywon High School of Arts, and majored in theater and film at Kyunghee University. She won the 2023 Korea Beautiful and Good Awards in the dance category and the 2024 Proud People & Brand Awards in the culture and art category. Jiwoo also entered Kaywon High School of Arts. She took the main role in the musical Wizards of Oz and is currently working as an actor and an assistant director. The youngest Yeonwoo also was very talented and took a part in the musical Mozart and the play My Mother starred by Soomi Kim and Moonhee Na. She is currently attending Baekseok University of Arts as a scholarship student. 


Be a dreamer not a greedy

Ahn is the mother manager of these three talented sisters. “Be a dreamer not a greedy. And learn to play your role properly and take your responsibility. Value your warm heart instead of counting money.” she often said to her three daughters. She asked them to bow 100 times to the wall before going out of the house so that they behave. Ahn is a social media influencer. She majored in traditional and modern dance and physical education and is a holder of a 4 dan Taekwondo (4th degree). She played an honorary ambassador of the Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics, won the K-Asia Leader Awards as a senior model, has walked the runway at Fashion Week, and was chosen as the best at the Vancouver Top Model Popularity Vote. “A costume designer Youngsook Yoo is the one who encouraged me to be a model. Yoo played the role to make me the best at the popularity vote and is still a supporter of me.” says Ahn. She was the winner of the Korean Wave Hanbok Beauty Contest and was chosen as the model division president of the Korea Entertainment Artist Association last year. She also is serving the vice president of the Taekwondo Diplomatic Corps.


Bringing joy and happiness to the world

Hwang is a K-choreographer playing director and instructor at a number of congratulatory performances including School of Dream, Our Village Art School, and Nobel Prize Dialogue Seoul 2023. Alongside, she teaches students at numberous art schools and events and stars in musicals and movies time to time including The Sound of Magic, Life Is Beautiful, and Street Gag Woman Fighter. Despite her versatile roles, it is Hwang’s goal to live with contentment. “The reason I work hard is not because of money or fame but because of people who take care of me. And I want to be a meaningful person to them. My name ‘sae’ means the world and ‘hee’ means the joy. Likewise, I want to live as content as I can be.” says Hwang. Ahn has practiced sharing and giving. She is taking care of an old person pushing the wheelchair and touring flower gardens. “I want to be thankful for small things, working hard as before, and taking care of the people around me and the people in need.” says Ahn and adds “Nothing speaks louder than firsthand experience!”

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