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South Korea is a sporting powerhouse, but it’s not a sporting nation. The country’s poor Olympic performance since the 2010s can be attributed to the merger of elite and recreational sports, which has resulted in a lack of focus and power. In order to realize this, the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) should be separated from the sport. The foundation of culture and art is freedom. No matter how I hit the notes of a song, whether it’s fast or slow, I’m free to do it. It’s the same with painting. Whether it’s on wood or anywhere else, it’s still an artwork. However, sports have had rules and regulations since their inception.

Even the UFC, where fighters fight like they’re going to kill each other, has rules. Biting and eye gouging are never allowed. That‘s how sports are organized: by rules, for rules. Sports are about fair competition without breaking the rules and exist for the benefit of humans. Sports should be for humanity, nature, and the country, and should exist for world peace and human health. Therefore, elite sports is the glory of the family and the individual, and sport for all is sports that can take responsibility for human health and make it right. Sports should never be turned into power. Sport is a faith, an order, a promise. That’s why the spirit of fair play is so important. This is why, for the past 10 years, the toast has been unconditionally called ‘Fair’ by the first singer and ‘Play’ by the second singer. We sincerely look forward to the year 2024, when true sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play will be realized in Korea.


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s 2024 Athlete’s Competition

On January 17, 2024, the Korea Sport & Olympic Committee announced a statement by Korean sports organizations regarding the “Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Expression of Regret for the 2024 Sports Festival Event.” Subsequently, the board of directors of the Korea Sports Council held on February 6th demanded an apology from the minister and declared an all-out war against the ministry. Looking at this series of processes, the Korean Sports Restoration Movement Headquarters could not help but feel disappointed. 


The ‘2024 Athlete’s Competition’ event held on January 16 was also supposed to be an event to boost the morale of athletes, but it was heartbreaking because it seemed to have become a political performance venue without any comfort for athletes. What about the National Sports Policy Committee? Didn’t the president of the Korea Sport & Olympic Committee declare a boycott, risking the resignation of ex officio members, claiming that their recommendations were not reflected in the co-chairs directly appointed by the president and the civilian members appointed by the prime minister?


Our position is that the Korea Sport & Olympic Committee must represent the diverse interests and voices of all athletes, and should never give the impression that it is a political power group that uses athletes politically. The Korea Sport & Olympic Committee began as the Joseon Sports Association in 1920 during the Japanese colonial era, and has firmly maintained its position despite the difficult history of liberation and war, promoting Korea as an independent country to the international community, comforting the people through sports, and instilling pride in the precious and brilliant organization. The recent series of events they have shown are nothing but a reversal of their previous growth and a failure of the people’s expectations. 


We sincerely hope not to leave a blemish on the brilliant history of the Korea Sport & Olympic Committee.


April 20, 2024

SAKA / Korean Sports Restoration Movement Headquarters Co-CEO Jaehwan Yoon

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