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According to data released by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in 2023, the global golf population, excluding the U.S., is expected to reach 39.6 million, a 34% increase from seven years ago. Meanwhile, the U.S. National Golf Federation reported last year that the number of more than 6-year-olds playing golf in the U.S. totaled 37.5 million, a 17% increase from five years ago. 


The first step to socializing Golf is more about manners than skill

Humans are sociable. However, the top 1%, the people at the top of the diamond-shaped social hierarchy, are relatively few in number, and it is difficult for them to socialize with people of their own kind. Therefore, the more powerful and wealthy people are, the more thirsty they are for socializing and networking. One of the most developed networks of these people is the golf industry. Golf is not only a popular sport, but it’s also a top business. There‘s a saying among business people that golf is a presentation. As the golf course has become a place for socializing, more and more people are trying to improve their golf skills in order to succeed in business. However, golf skills don’t necessarily translate into business success. Golf manners are more important than golf skills. In fact, many CEOs say they evaluate the quality of their employees or business partners on the golf course. This is because it’s easier to know if you can trust someone with a job or if they’ll be a good business partner when you’ve played 18 holes together. There are five qualities that are essential to being an attractive person, especially on the golf course according to the book <Golf Single is Business Single> written by Diana Hong, President of the Korea Reading Management Institute: 1. strategic thinking to overcome crises 2. integrity to uphold the basic rules of golf 3. communication skills to empathize with your teammates 4. balance to control your emotions after an unexpected mistake 5. a sense of challenge and responsibility. 


Golf English makes you an attractive business partner

Web Kids Golf English is dedicated to teaching golf to students and helping them succeed in the business world as adults. It teaches not only golf skills, but also the rules and etiquette of the game, and the virtues of Golf English. In the United States, golfers set the tone for the year with their first drive. If the first shot is sliced, it’s called a banana shot and means good health for the rest of the year; if it’s a clothesline, it’s good luck; if it’s a sky ball, it means a promotion or raise; if it’s hooked, it rolls far, so it’s good luck with a move or money; and if it hits the ground behind you, it means a birth of a son. Since it is the first shot of the new year, they exchange words of well-wishes about possible outcomes. This leads to socializing, which leads to business. International students, in particular, often make golfing connections with friends during their student years that become important business partners in adulthood. For business people, golf is an important socializing tool, and it also teaches them important life skills that will help them succeed in life.


English, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese

Web Kids Golf English teaches golf not only in English, but also in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and more. CEO Sunggu Hong said “Golf is a social sport and improves concentration, confidence, social skills, judgment, global etiquette, and mind control. It is a sport that can enhance the qualities of a global leader. We are a global leadership sports education solutions company that can teach in multiple languages.” The curriculum is organized to be enjoyed by all ages, from infants to adults. It consists of both junior and senior courses, graphic simulation courses of more than 70 golf courses in Korea, and a systematic golf lesson curriculum taught by two professional instructors who are golf majors and golf players at home and abroad. By scientifically analyzing the speed of the swing and the ball’s momentum and acceleration to measure the predicted distance, it helps you understand the principles of math and science in a fun way. Web Kids Golf English is scientific and organized, but with a touch of fun to enhance the educational effect.

You can play with your friends and people around the world through the network. The product specifications include: ﹦ Accurately analyze your ball flight with realistic ball flight reproduction ﹦ Equipped with high-definition dual swing video function on both sides ﹦ Intuitive and scientific posture analysis using drawing tools ﹦ Swing speed, turn degree, Predictive distance measurement by scientifically analyzing the principles of swing speed, turn degree, and side spin ﹦ Online analysis and charting function ﹦ Analysis report output for systematic practice ﹦ PUSH video lessons to your smartphone (SBS Golf Academy) ﹦ Various events and friend ranking competition system through online ﹦ FULL HD course strategy for realistic sensation ﹦ Scoring and level system by target ﹦ Dramatized practice environment by shot type ﹦ Driving range and game complex for bar use ﹦ Rounding the desired course by 9/18 holes ﹦ Ability evaluation and mission by item to improve the score. Hong said “Web Kids Golf English is an all-weather indoor screen golf exercise that helps children grow, improve physical fitness and reduce obesity through regular stretching exercises. It’s also a fun and entertaining way to play golf with friends, which can increase children’s interest in physical education.” Golf is also a very suitable and popular sport for seniors, with the average age of golfers being 71, according to data released by one popular golf course. Web Kids Golf English is an indoor sport that can be actively used in government-led national exercise programs.


▲ Web Kids Golf English / CEO Sunggu Hong

CEO Sunggu Hong

CEO Sunggu Hong has been in the education business for 27 years. Since 1997, he has been discovering and disseminating various excellent educational contents such as computers, English, essay writing, speech, debate, science, coding, drones, and many. He said “Golf is not an option, but a must-have leadership sports education solution for developing global leaders. Our slogan and my life motto is ‘Raising Korean children to be the best in the world’. Web Kids Golf English is an English and golf education for global leaders and successful business. We believe that it will be the best solution not only for raising future global talents but also for improving the health of the people living longer.”

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