Suffering from shoulder problems? KH Shoulder Clinic will give you down to earth therapies

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▲ Kyunghee Mansae Oriental Medical Clinic / Director Taeseok Heo

Shoulder problems including the common frozen shoulder is one of the common complaints of those who use computers or smartphones for a long time. A problem in shoulders can also cause discomfort in neck and spine which is the reason we might take it seriously at some point. Unlike in the past where the old used to have this, it is widely spreading as young as 30s~40s today.


Extensive experience in Seoul and New York

Building experience in both Seoul and New York, Taeseok Heo, Director of KH Shoulder Clinic, is specialized in shoulder pain. He received a doctorate from Kyung Hee University Seoul, served an adjunct professor at Gachon University, and ran an oriental medical clinic in New York. When the pandemic was at its peak, he came back home and set up the current clinic. 

“It happened for me to realize that more than 90% visited my clinic in New York complained about shoulder pain. I was surprised.” looking back Heo.

According to Heo, shoulder joints affect body posture and movement of neck, arms, hands and spine. In other words, if we do not use shoulders for a certain amount of time, it can give a burden on our shoulders. Frozen shoulder, in particular, is caused by various factors and it can be a challenge to bring up an effective therapy. However, Heo is confident in this.

“I built my expertise in this field for 15 years in Seoul alone and 4 more years in New York. So I can say that I’m capable of bringing up an effective therapy to each case when it comes to shoulder pain.” says Heo.


Proven expertise in frozen shoulder therapies

Heo explains that frozen shoulder can occur when the connective tissue enclosing the joint thickens and tightens and it normally involves stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. Aging and lack of excercise are commonly known to cause the symptoms, but Heo says that there are many reasons we cannot figure it out where it all started. 

“Some people even don’t know they have frozen shoulder and more than 70% experience side effects. The pain comes and goes and ‘goes’ does not mean you are cured from frozen shoulder because it will come back anytime. Most commonly, it starts with difficulty of moving your arms freely and you might also experience difficulty in wearing clothes.” says Heo.

Heo, therefore, approaches ominidirectionally by taking every possible factor into account including case history to find a cause and to bring up a necessary therapy. Herbal medicine, acupuncture and cupping can be applied according to patient’s response but Heo found the acupuncture he developed most effective alongside a herbal medicine to support.


Make a perfect golf swing

You need functional shoulder to show off your perfect golf swing. Bad shoulder leads to chicken wing which then leads to a burden on shoulder and even waist. As South Korea is seeing an increase in number of golfers, Heo currently is running a gold shoulder clinic to help them make a perfect swing.

“As an oriental medical doctor, I value highly of making people’s lives pain-free. A sound mind comes from a sound body and I will do what I’m best at for my patients.” says Heo.

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