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As society enters the centenarian era, there is a growing interest in living longer and healthier lives.  Bon Healing House (CEO Eunhwa Jung), a medical device and healing care company, is leading the way for many people to live a healthy life through ※graphion,§ which uses the Nobel Prize-winning dream material graphene, and on-cell high frequency, which makes cells dance through whole-body cellular exercise.


Focusing on ‘root healing,’ not just superficial healthcare

CEO Jung chose ‘root healing’ as the most important part of developing Graphion and on cell high frequency products. 

“People use many health products or take supplements to manage their health, but it is difficult to control the basic fundamentals of the human body. The principle of ‘Graphion’, which makes bioelectrical signals faster and stronger, and on cell high frequency, which simultaneously causes whole body cell movement, is a method of fundamentally healing the human body.” explains Jung.

“When you exercise your whole body cells, your cells get healthier and you get better. Bon Healing House’s on cell high frequency products are an exercise that strengthens cells, and they have found a way to exercise whole body cells at the same time.”

Jung explained that on cell high frequency sends 500,000 on cell high frequencies into the body every second, creating an on cell high frequency breeze in every cell from toe to head, helping to revitalize weak and diseased cells and promote activity. This causes the body to continuously and repetitively generate frequency waves, which in turn causes the cells to become stronger and healthier as they exercise repeatedly.

The company launched ﹦Oncell high frequency pulse generator, ﹦Oncell Dr. Dome deep diathermy partner, ﹦Oncell Bone Care spine rolling heated bed, and ﹦minimat ‘Oncell Multitalk’ that activate cells, which are the fundamental and basic part of the body.

Oncell Bone Care is a new product that is a functional bed that combines spinal rolling massage and a graphene heating mat to raise body temperature and manage disc stenosis and herniation at the same time.


Stay healthy with bedding and healthy living products

‘Graphion’, a healthy household goods brand based on the Nobel Prize-winning new dream material ‘graphene’, offers products such as the Graphion Earthing Mat, which combines graphene and earthing technology, as well as bedding such as blankets and pillows, clothing, cushions, shoes, etc. It is a brand of a variety of graphene household goods.

Jung says “Graphene has the ability to revitalize the body’s electrical signals. Weakened bioelectric signals lead to decreased sensation, and slowing down leads to aging. Graphene revitalizes the weakened bioelectric signals and promotes vital activity.”

Graphene is said to be 100 to 150 times faster than silicon in transmitting electrical signals.

“With Graphion bedding and household products utilizing graphene, you can create an environment that encourages your body to create its own fundamental healing habits. This can help restore and normalize body function.”

About the uniqueness of the products, Jung said “There are many health foods and healthcare products, but if the cells can’t do their job, it’s hard to see the effect. Graphene, the core ingredient of ‘Graphion’ used by Bon Healing House, has been proven by the Nobel Prize to have the ability to control important parts of the human body.”

He added “There are tons of papers on the benefits of graphene and it is a scientifically and medically proven material. I created Graphion, a product made from graphene, to increase the body’s ability to heal, create healing conditions, and transform the body.”


Growing into a world-class healing care company through on-cell high frequency and graphene crystal ‘Graphion’

Jung has studied human health, including natural medicine and alternative therapies, and has spent more than 30 years developing healing products and working in the healing health business.

“I have met many sick and suffering people who are more desperate for healing than any doctor or pharmacist, and I have felt the healing response of the on cell high frequency and Graphion products in the field. It is very rewarding to see so many people regaining their health through Bon Healing House products.”

He said that the changes felt by many people through the measurement of Graphion fabric by the mechanical measurement research team at Ajou University were conducted in a verification consultation paper showing that it prevents harmful electromagnetic waves, water pulse waves from being neutralized and shielded, meridian drive force and circulation, autonomous vibration energy, and rotational wave energy that is excellent in quality and quantity. It was stated that it was objectively proven. Based on this, he said that together with the Korean Society for Thermal Medicine, which is researching cancer treatment with heat, he plans to create a “K-heat” wave in the global hyperthermia market with the “Graphion” healing heat series.

He expressed his ambition to become a world-class healing care company that contributes to the healing recovery and health promotion of all human beings around the world by systematizing the data of the body that has been changed by the fundamental healing system of Bon Healing House accumulated over 30 years.

“I have received test scores from various authorized organizations, received the 2023 Brand Power Grand Prize and the Customer Satisfaction & Management Innovation Brand Grand Prize from media organizations. I will increase the global healing care market share by entering the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Pakistan with ‘on-cell high frequency’ and ‘Graphion’, and create a ‘healing revolution’ to light the lamp of health and healing in the global village, painting ‘happy smiles’ on the faces of people around the world. I pledge to do my best to keep my conscience and fundamentals intact until the day on cell high frequency and Graphion become partners in healing health for people around the world.”

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