Treat your tired body in winter with gamjatang at In Ha ouK

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When it’s cold outside, it’s hard not to crave a hearty, comforting bowl of soup-especially if it’s nutritious and revitalizing for your immune system. There’s a local restaurant near Dongdaegu Station that serves the perfect winter food. It’s In Ha ouK/ Here, you can taste Gamjatang and Galbitang (, which are hearty and warm with raw meat, backbone, various healthy vegetables, and potatoes.


Domestic backbone and raw meat for casual, refreshing flavors

A sophisticated and relaxed restaurant that attracts people of all ages

Gamjatang is said to have originated from the practice of slaughtering pigs instead of cattle for farming, adding plenty of vegetables to the broth made from the bones, and feeding it to people with weak bones or patients. Gamjatang began to spread across the country with the economic booms, gradually becoming a welcomed snack and meal for workers, and is now a favorite among young and old alike, thanks to the fact that pork spine is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins. In Ha ouK (CEO Sangwook Nam), located near Dongdaegu Station, serves comfort food such as galbi tang and braised cheek meat alongside Gamjatang. In Korean medicine, pork bones are said to fill the body with nutrients and nourish the bones, and are recommended for children, pregnant women, and those who are weak after an illness. Pork bones are also known to help with joint inflammation and diarrhea, and are a great source of protein and vitamins. Serving meals using domestic pork spine and domestic raw meat, In Ha ouK’s best feature is its clean flavor. The gamjatang and galbitang here boast a clean and clear taste. A generous amount of backbone, potatoes, and sujebi are added to the beef stew, and even perilla leaves are placed on top, so even though it is a generous dish, it is not greasy and has a clean taste, so you can enjoy the food without burden. It’s not overpowering, and it’s just sharp enough that even people who don’t like spicy food can enjoy it. As a result, female customers feel free to visit and enjoy the restaurant, and it has become a local favorite in both summer and winter.

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