President Yoon attends New Year’s greetings and shares good words

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President Yoon attends New Year’s greetings and shares good words

On the morning of January 3, Yoon attended a New Year's greeting ceremony at the Cheong Wa Dae official residence, where he shared his New Year's wishes with the country's leading figures and strengthened his resolve to run the country. Yoon said "I would like to thank everyone in the political, governmental, and religious circles for their efforts in the past year to build a happy nation and a warm society. Let's work hard together for the happiness and prosperity of our people and future generations."

He encouraged Nurse Lee Won-jeong and Captain Kang Tae-kwon, who saved the unconscious citizen, saying that making people aware of the spirit of these people and empathizing with them is for the sake of people's livelihood and creating a society where people are happy. He mentioned that Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong, who was scheduled to attend the event, was currently undergoing treatment after suffering a terrorist attack yesterday, and emphasized that terrorism is the enemy of all of us who pursue a free society and is the enemy of liberal democracy. Supreme Court Chief Justice Cho Hee-dae said he would make it a year in which all members of the judiciary would judge only according to the law and principles, and Constitutional Court President Lee Jong-seok said he hoped that the spirit of the Constitution would be upheld in all areas of society, making the lives of the people happier. Noh Tae-ak, chairman of the National Election Commission, said a trustworthy election would be a great foundation for national unity and harmony. Han Dong-hoon, Chairman of the People Power Party's Emergency Response Committee, expressed his determination to do his best to improve the lives of his fellow citizens rather than having a competitive desire to win at all costs. They all wished Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung a recovery.

Jang Jong-hyeon, president of the Korean Federation of Churches, said that there is no separate ruling and opposition party in economic development and the development of liberal democracy. Choi Tae-won, chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that in order to turn a crisis into an opportunity, the government, academia, citizens, labor and management must all come together to overcome difficulties, and that he will work with companies in friendly countries to create more opportunities. Kim Dong-myeong, chairman of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, said he would engage in dialogue with a responsible attitude to help resolve the anxiety and crisis of people in need. 


Yoon encourages soldiers working on the front lines 

Yoon visited the Army's 5th Infantry Division on the Central Front on the morning of December 28 to inspect military preparedness and praised the hard work of the soldiers who are devoted to tight security operations at the front line. He was briefed on the state of military readiness, encouraged the men and women on the front lines, and urged them to remain vigilant. He said the people expect a strong and reliable military, and if the enemy provokes us, we will respond immediately and decisively under the principle of act first and report later. He shook hands with and encouraged the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who have left their homeland to serve alongside our troops on the front lines in South Korea. He held a meeting with military officers and their families at a military welfare hall, where he encouraged them and their families to serve their people and country on the front lines.

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