Yangpyeong Seoul Haejangguk with 49 years of handmade flavors and secrets 10 branches nationwide

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The end of the year comes and drinking becomes more frequent. Haejangguk is the food everyone turns to when they have headaches and stomachache due to frequent drinking. Korea has enjoyed drinking alcohol since ancient times, which led to the creation of unique hangover food. In particular, Haejangguk has a long history that can be found in Goryeo Dynasty literature, and one with such a long history is Yangpyeong Haejangguk. Yangpyeong Haejangguk is a soup unique to Yangpyeong, which was once famous for its beef, and is made with a thick broth of spicy chili oil and seeds, along with seonji, intestines, and bean sprouts. Its fame was not limited to the local area, but also spread to Hanyang, now Seoul.


49 years of flavors and secrets refined to perfection

 A hearty and satisfying meal

Yangpyeong Seoul Haejangguk Eldest Son’s House is a franchise that has inherited the taste of the master who has been operating in Sinnae, Yangpyeong for more than 49 years since 1975. The restaurant succeeded in franchising by refining the taste and secrets of Jeong Yeon-hak, known as the founder of Yangpyeong Haejangguk.

The biggest secret is the use of domestic beef intestines and carefully selected ingredients. Domestic beef intestines are boiled for about 48 hours using a traditional recipe with great care, and a generous amount of beef blood and soyang is placed inside to create clean and deep tastes. The cucumbers and daikon radish served as side dishes were pickled with sea salt, and the chili peppers were made by hand. Other menu items include intestine soup, haenaetang, assorted tripe stew, boiled intestine pork, stir-fried lamb, and liquor soup. In particular, only domestically produced beef intestines are used.


Continuing the success with a franchise

Offering products in HMR format

Today, the company operates eight stores with processing plants and a distribution system that utilize the traditional cast iron cauldron method, and is growing as a franchise. All cooking is done using state-of-the-art cooking systems and patented by-product cleaning methods to ensure hygiene is never an issue. It is cooked in a way that removes the unique smell of the viscera and makes it delicious for all ages, and as it uses the traditional cast iron cauldron method, the unique flavor is preserved and the ingredients are safely supplied to each branch.

Recently, it is also made of HMR and is gaining a lot of popularity in the online market. it uses 100% domestic blood pudding, and thanks to this, you can feel the rich taste as well as the spicy texture of the blood pudding. HMR products here were highly praised by those who visited the venue at the 2023 Korea Food Week held last month, and they also posted high sales.

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